50 easy ways to save on your wedding budget

It's easy to make your wedding spectacular without blowing the budget!

50 easy ways to save on your wedding budget
Easy ways to save big. Image: Getty Images

Looking for some easy ways to save money on your wedding day? Here are 50 simple tricks to cut big day costs.

1. Look to the high street for your wedding dress. Monsoon, Coast ASOS, Whistles and many more have a great choice of simple summer styles.

2. If you're planning a small wedding, hire a home in the countryside for your weekend (maybe an airbnb). You can provide dinner and accommodation for guests at a fraction of the price.

3. "Serve guests with English sparkling wine rather than champagne. It's taking the world by storm, is equally (if not more) delicious, and is often cheaper," says Sam Cox, managing director of Vinopolis.

4. Spread colourful doilies over your reception tables to take them from bland to bright in just minutes.

5. "Ask your venue and recommended suppliers about discounts for mid-week weddings," says Natalie Parry, wedding coordinator at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Spa, Cheshire.


6. Save on your hen do by organising a picnic in the park‚ ask everyone to bring food and drink.

7. "Entertainment agencies are great but you can save money by going direct to the band," says Jonny Gee, Musical Director of The Jazzberries.

8. Take a trip to the beach to collect shells for wedding table decorations.

9. Look in factory outlets for last-season accessories and bridesmaid frocks.

10. Use Pinterest, to build and share inspiration for wedding colours, outfits, and products. 


11. Go to a department store beauty counter and ask them to show your tips and techniques for perfect wedding make-up that will last all day.

12. Poundland sells party poppers, glow sticks, faux petals and favour boxes. Your guests will never know!

13. "Choose in-season flowers. Peonies in December will be expensive by the time they're flown in," says Charlotte Challoner, wedding planner at Cotswold House Hotel.

14. Single cut summer flowers look gorgeous placed in small clear jars filled with water.

15. Choose a really simple dress and make a fashion statement with a birdcage veil and retro accessories.


16. Give female guests cute paper fans as favours – they'll appreciate it if the day gets hot.

17. "Opt for a palladium rather than platinum wedding ring. It has most of the same properties but is less dense," says jeweller Kimberley Selwood.

18. "Choose hair accessories that can be at a later date easily converted into jewellery, like a brooch," says Suzanne Laughlin from Tiararama.

20. If a friend has a beautiful garden, ask to raid it for greenery.


21. Achieve true vintage style by looking in your grandmothers' wardrobes for anything useable – brilliantly nostalgic and free!

22. "A sample gown can be a great way to have a beautiful, designer dress for half the price," says Awen Evans, High Society boutique, Cowbridge.

23. Make pretty pastel macaroons as favours. It's easy with Instant Macaroon Mix from

24. "Hold a fun bake-off! As a cheap alternative to a wedding cake, ask a selection of guests to bake a cake then ask your guests to judge them," says Zoe Grant, editor of wedding blog

25. Save on stationery by making your own own! Take a look at our free wedding templates.


26. For a cool arrival at your venue, hire a Vespa. Try

27. Float petals in water-filled glass bowls for a romantic look.

28. Ask shops like M&S when their next 25% discount day is (they have them fairly frequently). This is a great time to buy suits.

29. Give guests memory sticks and ask them to send you copies of all the photos they take.

30. Don't stick to matching bridesmaid dresses. Let your bridesmaids choose or wear their own dresses – as long as they still to a loose colour theme.


31. Whether you're buying or selling your wedding dress take a look on

32. Wedding photographers often charge less if they don't stay around for the evening, so send them home and let your friends take over with their cameras.

33. Cut triangles out of old summer dresses and use as bunting!

34. Rather than booking dance lessons, learn a first dance routine from tutorials on YouTube.

35. Hold your ceremony late and then feed guests at 5pm – you won't need to provide a meal in the evening, just snacks.


36. Instead of floral centrepieces, use birdcages. They double up as great gifts.

37. If your venue allows you to provide your own alcohol then ask guests to bring a bottle.

38. "Instead of getting your teeth whitened, invest in a hygienist appointment. You'll be amazed at the effect a good clean can have," says Dr Mervyn Druian of

39. "Set up a 'prop and pose' station at your wedding. It's easy to set up and doesn't need to cost the earth. All you need is a few props, some lighting and a camera on a tripod. The results make for brilliant, funny snaps," says Jo from Shoot Lifestyle Wedding Photography.

40. "We created our own web pages on With guests coming from abroad, we could store information in one place, and we saved on postage!" says bride Dana Stoll, 26, London.

41. "Don't feel bad about getting back to a florist if their initial quote is too high. Most florists will be able to come up with ways to bring it within your budget," says Jessica Phillips, Vida Flora, Porthcawl.

42. Ask friends or family with a farm or a big garden if they'll let you use it for the wedding. You'll need to hire a marquee but you'll save on venue fees.

43. Buy nail polish rather than booking a manicure – you can use it on honeymoon too!

44. Mix more expensive flowers like roses with greenery and cheaper blooms like stocks.

45. Wow guests with a tiered strawberry cheesecake – it will double up as dessert.


46. "We used silver heart baubles bought in the January sales as place settings, and wrote guests' names on them," says bride Katie Simms, 27.

47. If you need to give guests lots of information then try chequebook-style invitation booklets. They include an RSVP page and all the venue and gift list details. 

48. Get matching pocket squares and ties for your groomsman and ask them to wear their own suits. It will work out cheaper than hiring or buying.

49. Decorate trees at your venue by hanging lanterns and bunting.

50. In summertime, costume jewellery can look even better than the real thing so don't worry about saving up for diamonds. Bargain.

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