Can an engagement ring ever be too big?

Have you seen the size of this engagement ring?

Can an engagement ring ever be too big?
80-carat ring. Image: Instagram/@gem_hunt

Stop everything and take a look at this 80-carat diamond ring!

This emerald cut whopper by jsdiamonds was posted on social media earlier this week and we can't take our eyes off it. It's so sparkly!

While our magpie-like tendancies make us want to immediately remortgage the house/rob a bank just to get our hands on this stunning bit of bling, we can't help but wonder who would actually wear it?

Just for a bit on context, Kim Kardashian's incredible ring (designed by Kanye West dontcha know) is only (only!) 15-carat and worth approx £1.2million!

Image: Instagram/@KimKardashian

Plus how would you actually do anything? Even holding your phone would take some effort, let alone washing up, making tea or cooking dinner. Not only that, but would you anyone actually believe you if you said it was real? As amazing as it is, we might stick to our pretty old 0.9-carat.

So what do you think would you want a ring this big?

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