What to do if you hate your engagement ring

It's awkward but it happens. What should you do if you really don't like the engagement ring your future husband has selected for you? Fine Diamond Jeweller Lewis Malka has some solutions...

What to do if you hate your engagement ring
Love the man but not the ring? Image: iStock

Do you love the man but sadly not the ring? First of all - don't feel that you're alone. It’s not uncommon for women to dislike or want to tweak the style of engagement ring.

But, what do you do when you hate the ring you’ve been proposed to with? Fine diamond jewellery expert Lewis Malka shares his top tips for how to get around this tricky situation.


1. Think carefully
Consider what it is specifically about the ring you dislike and ask your partner what drew them to it. You may feel differently about it after a couple of days of wear and once you hear their reasons. If it needs to be resized take this in to consideration too - it can be hard to admire a ring when it's hurting your finger!

2. Talk to your partner
By all means be honest with your partner, although DO NOT mention your reservations during the proposal! Wait for a quiet moment after all the excitement surrounding the engagement has settled and mention it then. Jewellery is meant to be enjoyed and you will be wearing it for the rest of your life - so if you don’t like it, speak up. However, be delicate with the truth, focus on the bits you do like and carefully suggest changes.


3. Alter rather than replace
Make an appointment with a specialist to discuss ways that you can work with what you’ve got and can alter the ring to suit you both. The diamond is by all means the most expensive part to any ring. This way you can still keep the gorgeous sparkler but in a design that is more your style, and is the most simple and cost effective way of getting a ring you love.


4. Upgrade your ring
There may also be the option to upgrade the ring, by adding stones on the shoulders or to create a halo design. Again, chat to an expert jeweller to discuss the options available. This of course depends on the budget you have available, but it doesn’t need to cost the earth to get a ring you will be excited to wear.

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