Health and beauty wedding calendar – one month to go

One month until ‘I do’? This hair and beauty wedding calendar will help to keep you on track

Health and beauty wedding calendar – one month to go
Get your hair and skin sorted. Image: Getty Images

With just a month to go, here's your exxential guide to looking and feeling incredible on your wedding day - let the big day countdown commence!


Wedding beauty
Head to a tried-and-tested salon to get your brows sorted (whether it’s a simple tidy up or the full ‘tint-and-shape’ works) and to get your lashes looking awesome.

If you’re planning on having lash extensions, fully road-test these well in advance, otherwise stick to a good lengthening mascara or falsies on the day. Make sure you’ve had a trial with your make-up artist and that it’s looking exactly how you want it to.

If you’re doing your own make-up on the day, practise the full look at least three times in the month running up to your wedding day, so you feel totally confident with what you’re doing and to check you’ve got all the tools you need. Book in to get your nails done the day before your wedding – it’s a great chance to turn off and relax for half an hour.

The night before…
If you’re doing your own make-up, lay out everything you’ll need, ready for Project Glam. Spritz your pillow with some lavender sleep spray and get as much beauty sleep as you can.

Wedding hair
Chances are with four weeks to go you’ll have already confirmed your hairstyle with your stylist; if not try and get this organized as soon as you can. Allow enough time for at least one full hair trial – and don’t forget to take along any headpieces you might be wearing in your hair, or any extensions you’ll be using on the day. Make sure you’re happy with the look, that you feel comfortable and that it holds well throughout the day.

If you’re having highlights or colour in your hair, book this in around two weeks before the wedding; early enough to re-do if you’re not 100 per cent happy and close enough to the big day for it to still look fresh and gorgeous.

The night before…
Wash your hair before you go to bed. Blast dry with a hairdryer, but don’t use any styling products – your stylist will want clean hair to work with in the morning.


Wedding skincare
Skin can be a fickle mistress, so in an ideal world we’d recommend you start a skincare regime as soon as you’re engaged, but we know that’s probably not your first thought when you spot that amazing ring! Four weeks is still enough time to make a big improvement to your skin, so don’t stress.

Book in for a facial around three to four weeks before the wedding – no later than this as many deep treatments can bring you out in spots for a few days after. The therapist should recommend the perfect one for your skin type. Then stick to a consistent skincare regime of cleansing, toning, serum and moisturiser to reap the rewards for your wedding.

Don’t forget the rest of your body – a good all-over exfoliation a couple of times a week and daily moisturising will transform your arms and legs in a matter of days and make a great base for fake tan. Get your tanning routine locked down at least two weeks before the wedding – now is not the time for experimenting…


The night before…
Don’t try anything radical! Stick to your tried-and-tested skincare regime, then finish with a gentle face massage with your usual moisturiser, to wake up with glowing skin. And, just in case, have a spot rescue remedy on standby if Mother Nature blesses you on the day!

Wedding diet
You’re going to need all your energy over the next four weeks (helloooooo hen do, wedding and honeymoon!), so try to eat as healthily as you can. This does not mean starve yourself, it means fuel your body with decent portions of delicious food like lean protein, eggs, lentils, nuts and seeds and dark leafy greens, which will all give you a healthy energy boost.

Drink water like your life depends on it (which it kind of does anyway…), as keeping hydrated will help with energy levels as well as leaving your skin looking as fresh as a daisy. Try to cut out (or cut down) your alcohol intake. Boring we know, but the difference this will make to how you feel and look is massive. Of course every bride should give herself the night off this rule for the hen party, obviously…

The night before…
You don’t want to look or feel bloated on your wedding morning, so avoid eating things like junk food, beans, broccoli and salt the night before. Also keep away from alcohol, fizzy drinks and chewing gum as these can cause bloating too.


Wedding fitness
With just a month to go until you walk/run/dance/swish down the aisle, you might feel your motivation beginning to desert you when it comes to fitness. If you’ve been sticking to the same routine for months, now is a good time to switch things up a bit to keep you interested.

Been hitting the gym hard? Why not mix it up with a few classes like Zumba or Spin? Or head outside for a run or bike ride for a change of scenery. Whatever you do, listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. You don’t want to end up with a sprained ankle for the big day. If you haven’t already, introduce a few yoga classes in the four weeks before the wedding. They are great for relaxing the body and mind and make the perfect antidote to last-minute wedmin stress.

The night before…
Now is the time to relaaaaax. Try out some of those yoga moves, or listen to a mindfulness app, like Headspace, before you go to bed to fully recharge your mind and body. Deep breathing will help you drift off and get a good night’s sleep.

Words by Sarah Dawson

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