What getting eyebrow tattoos is really like!

Our Editorial Assistant, Rachel, heads to Knightsbridge to try out the latest in brow tattooing technology at the Tracie Gilles clinic

Before and after
Before and after

The thought of having my first ever tattoo on my face was, shall we say, a little bit daunting. But after learning about the newest Nano Needle Brow Mapping system at Tracie Giles and checking out the amazing results on their Instagram page, my nerves turned to excitement. Tracie is well known for her impeccable permanent make-up techniques and celebs such as Louise Roe, Lucy Mecklenburgh and Louise Thompson are often spotted in Tracie’s Knightsbridge clinic.

As soon as I met my technician, Jody, I knew I was in safe hands. Firstly, we sat down and talked about exactly what I wanted from the treatment and how I like my brows to look day-to-day. Then Jody got to work pencilling in an example brow to see what I thought. This is the time to speak up – if you want a fuller brow, or less of an arch, just let the technician know and they are more than happy to tweak them until you are 100% sure. You also have an opportunity to discuss your shade preferences and then a unique pigment is created especially for you (hello, VIP!).

Now it’s time for the big guns (well, a tiny needle in fact). Jody placed a numbing cream on my brow area to minimise the discomfort and then got to work. I’m not going to say I didn’t feel a thing, but it’s more of an uncomfortable sensation than pain – I promise! Towards the end of the treatment Jody got me to sit up so she could see my brows from every angle and then she would go back and do a few more feathery strokes, until they looked absolutely perfect. Some people say the initial look is quite bold but for me, as I wore eyebrow pencil on a daily basis anyway, the definition was fine. Off I went to my next press event and no one suspected a thing!

My follow-up appointment was six weeks later (they recommend between 4–12 weeks). In the time between your two appointments you will notice some fading, but the second session is to re-trace the lines to create a more permanent marking. I was in and out within 50 minutes with amazing brows to boot. Ever since I’ve had them done I’ve had so many compliments on my impeccably groomed brows and my morning routine has been radically streamlined – I don’t know how I ever lived without them!

Head to for more info or check out the amazing results over on her Instagram. Prices start from £495.

Does it hurt? There is slight discomfort at times (especially over the brow bone), but nothing unbearable.

How long does it last? Anything from 9–18 months, it just depends on your skin.

What if I don’t like the result? The process is specifically designed to ensure you are completely happy with the proposed brow shape and colour before the tattooing starts. The technicians are there to work with you to create your dream brow, so you won’t leave feeling disappointed.

Is it safe? The pigmentation ingredients are made from natural minerals and you are required to have a patch test before your first appointment.

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