15 emotional stages of finding your bridesmaid dresses

Thought finding matching bridesmaids dresses would be easy? Think again…

15 emotional stages of finding your bridesmaid dresses
It's not easy finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Image: Getty Images

Shopping for bridesmaids dresses is not a walk in the park. Here is every single emotional stage you will experience while hunting for those matching dresses. You have been warned...

1. When you set up the bridesmaid Whatsapp group and start laying down your vision to your girls.

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2. You all start firing off ideas and everyone seems ridiculously excited and positive. This is going to be a doddle!


3. After many cancellations, rearrangements and double bookings you finally settle on a date for you all to go bridesmaid dress shopping.

4. You arrive at your first shop feeling confident and ready to do this.

5. Your girls try on hundreds of dresses, but none of them are quite right.

6. No matter how hard you look you can’t find that perfect shade of mint (even though you saw it literally EVERYWHERE last month).


7. You convince yourselves that all you need is a quick coffee break and you can then get back out there and find the perfect gowns.

8. The bridesmaids begin to snap at each other.

9. You agree to call it a day.

10. The next week you find the what you think is the perfect dress online, and send the link to your girls.

11...And are met with radio silence

12. Three weeks later your maid of honour sends through a link of a gorgeous bridesmaid gown that is absolutely perfect!


13. But they are out of stock of the size you need.

14. At the last hour, you girls come through and find a second-hand version of the dress online in the right size.

15. Woo hoo! Your girls are finally sorted! Prosecco all round!

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