The five bridesmaids every bride NEEDS in her crew

No dream wedding team is complete without these must-have bridesmaids…

The five bridesmaids every bride NEEDS in her crew
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Every bride needs seriously amazing bridesmaids around her when preparing for her wedding day. Keep these girls in mind when choosing your girls and don’t forget to show them how much you love them…

The ‘known her forever’ mate
You’ve grown up together, she knows ALL your secrets and is basically your sister from another Mr. Never one to shy away from giving it to you straight, she’s the maid to turn to for some perspective. You can rely on her to be honest and your parents have known her forever, so she’s the girl to take your mum off for a glass of fizz when she starts to, err, get in the way a bit during hair and make-up…


The spreadsheet pro
When it comes to being organised, this girl has it down. The queen of to-do lists, spreadsheets and deadlines, she’s worth her weight in gold when it comes to helping you plan your day. She truly loves nothing more than feeling useful, so make her your go-to girl for delegating any tricky wed-min.

The zen goddess
It’s 7am on the morning of your wedding and you’re close to losing your mind with excitement/stress. This is when it pays to have a super-cool, calm and collected maid in your arsenal. She’ll be on hand to whisk you away from the madness, to help you re-focus and relax with her expert breathing tips. Just being in her presence is enough to chill-out even the craziest of Bridezillas.


The party girl
Getting married isn’t just about the wedding day – it’s about the hen party too (oh, and the lifetime of happiness, obvs..). For this very reason you need a bridesmaid who knows how to throw a serious party. She’ll be the one doing everything in her power to ensure you are having the BEST NIGHT EVER and ordering another round of tequilas *hic*.

The shoulder to cry on
Sometimes you just need to have that pre-wedding mini-meltdown. Whether it’s DIY fatigue, seating plan dramas or the sheer frustration of not being able to find the perfect bridal clutch (the struggle is real, people!). She is always there to listen and give you a hug when you need it, she’ll see you through anything – even the end-of-the-world stuff like late RSVPs (ahem…).

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