Your best bridesmaid ever stories!

You tell us why your girl is the #bestmaidever

Your best bridesmaid ever stories!
Your bridesmaids are amazing. Fact. Image: Getty

We asked you why your girl is the best bridesmaid ever and you certainly let us know! Read on for beautiful stories about wedding day support and amazing female friendship.

Cait Luck (via Facebook)
“My amazing best friend and maid of honour Elizabeth McLellan is the ‪#‎bestmaidever‬. Our dads were best mates at college and we've been best friends since birth (I'm 5 hours older than her!) We decided from about the age of six with pillow cases on our heads as veils that we would be bridesmaids for each other and 23 years later it came true for both of us!

Lizzy is marrying her true love in about seven weeks time (I can't wait to help her get in to her gorgeous dress and see her smile as she walks down the aisle!). Despite all the wedding prep she has had over the last year for her own wedding she has always had time to ask and talk about my wedding plans and listens to the answers. She attends every bridal dress shop appointment and helps when I’m being indecisive. She is super supportive, wonderful and caring and this would be so much harder without her by my side! Love you Lizzy xxx”


George Winter (via Facebook)
“My ‪#‎bestmaidever‬ is my BFF Melly! She sends bridal magazines to my work with post-it notes on the pages of this she thinks I will love! And she's been planning my hen party and sending me clues to the surprise!!! She's the best wing woman ever!”

Stefanie Jaffa (via Facebook)
“My maid of honour practically burst into tears when I called her and told her I was engaged and she postponed her move from Essex to Birmingham to start her new job for a week so she could attend a wedding fair with me and my engagement party. We have been best friends since primary school and we are now in our late 20s. I don't know what I'd do without her!”

@slantzdretnik (via Instagram)
“This girl has been my best friend for the last 28 years, she is like my sister. Always there for me, despite now being in different countries, she is my rock. Can't wait for her to be my maid of honour in June.”

Sarah Purcell (via Facebook)
“My maid of honour has been my best friend for over 30 years. Through these years she has supported me during some really rough times . As godmother to my three children, she has always been on hand to offer advice and guidance.

She has spent a lifetime battling cystic fibrosis but has always inspired me to keep strong and positive.
She has fostered many children with various backgrounds, illnesses and disabilities as well as leading charitable work. She always puts others first.”


E Dank Worth (via Facebook)
“My girl Scarlet Friedman is the best bridesmaid ever because she has stayed by my side, and welcomed me back into her life after we lost touch. She has been resistant through hard times, and an inspirational person through her strength, conquering all of life's challenges.  She is the kindest soul I know. That's why she is the best bridesmaid and friend ever. Thank you Scarlet for letting me be a part of your life.”

Amy Jayne (via Facebook)
“Where do I start? Vicki has been my rock since we were 14, every milestone we have shared together. When I had my child at 20, most friends forgot about me but not Vicki – she supported me and became an amazing Auntie. She hasn't grumbled when I have dragged her around every wedding fayre in the north west, when I have made her try 20+ dresses on, when I have moaned about guest lists and rang her at daft O’ clock panicking about something wedding related. She knows how easily I stress and how busy I am at work so she's organised my hen party and I'm even more impressed she's kept it a secret this long! Our only secret! She's not just the best maid ever she's the best friend ever.”

@darlingbudofapril (via Instagram)
“The phrase you don't know what you've got 'till its gone is so so true! She is working down under for four months and I feel like my left leg has fallen off. She knows me better than I know myself and wedding decisions are very hard when your left leg is half the world away. I miss her like crazy but she is home very shortly! The kindest, most selfless lady I've had the pleasure to befriend and very luckily for me, my maid of honour.”

@v_kane (via Instagram)
“@lizkane33 has to be the #bestmaidever. As my twin sister she has been there since day one. She's managed to continue being my best friend even after living in Australia for four years and she's moving back home so she can be a big part of our wedding. She's organised the hen do from the other side of the world and I can't wait to have her by my side on our wedding day.”

Georgina McNally (via Facebook)
“My best friend is the best bridesmaid ever she has gone through some tricky things concerning my wedding and has always offered to lend a hand. I would be lost without her."


Louise Buzzard (via Facebook)
“My amazing bridesmaid Emma Eaves is the #bestmaidever! When I got engaged in 2014 she handmade me this awesome Feyonce T-shirt! She made the most amazing surprise cakes for my fiancée and I for our engagement celebration, featuring gorgeous photos of all our best memories! Having been poorly and struggling with wedding planning for the last two weeks I received this lovely teapot and teabags in the post to cheer me up!! She is one in a million!!!”

@dancer90 (via Instagram)
“My MOH is the #bestmaidever not only because she always makes me laugh and have fun, but because she has a heart of gold. She puts everyone else first, is my shoulder to cry on and my best friend. I couldn't say 'I do' without her.”

@hannahed86 (via Instagram)
“My lovely friend Amy and I both celebrate our 30th Birthdays soon and we have had the best 30 years of friendship with many more to come! This is why she is my gorgeous bridesmaid in September this year. It's an exciting year and I couldn't wish for anybody else to be by my side.”

@craftystitch (via Instagram)
“My best friend Louise  is my Maid of Honour next April and is definitely the #bestmaidever We have been best friends since we were 15 and have been through extreme highs and extreme lows together, but we have come out even stronger. She is keeping me so sane with all the wedding prep and politics, she is at the end of the phone whenever I'm feeling panicked and I could not be doing this without her. She is without a doubt my sister from another mister, and life without her would be very grey. Love you Weezie”

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