15 ways to slash your wedding budget

Real brides reveal their top wedding budget tips

15 ways to slash your wedding budget
Get on top of your budget. Image: Getty

Need to save money on your wedding day? Our real brides reveal how to slash your budget on everything from wedding flowers to stationery. Amazing cost-cutting advice that actually works!

1. “I made all of the bouquets and buttonholes myself using origami flowers. I spent my daily commute folding petals and, around 700 petals later, had beautiful paper flowers that still look amazing now!”
Stephanie Dreyer-Richardson, 31

2. “Don’t just accept quotes! I was too embarrassed to ask for discounts but my husband insisted we haggle and, to my amazement, every single supplier knocked off some money – even if it’s only £50, it all adds up.”
Tia Joseph, 27

3.“Avoid tradition. We did – no cake, no big dress, no veil, no fancy car, no ‘wedding breakfast’! Instead we hired a campsite, had a Humanist ceremony outdoors and tucked into a hog roast and cheese-fest with barrels of local cider. Yum!”
Lauren Beech, 35

4. “My mum did our evening buffet  and, as a wedding present, my aunt made desserts for the main wedding lunch. I also got some of my girlfriends round for a wine and card-making evening to do the invitations. It saved us loads!”
Claire Dedman, 41


5. “Our rings were made from melted down jewellery that we had inherited from our grandmothers. Not only do they now have sentimental meaning but we saved hundreds on the cost of brand new ones.”
Zoe Jones, 30

6. “We really wanted to travel around Asia for our honeymoon, so we decided to make everything ourselves for the wedding. We made our stationery from rustic brown kraft card stamped with woodland animals and lettering, even the bar area was created from old bits of wood and decorated with handmade pom poms. A friend sang for us after our vows and our evening buffet was fish and chips!”
Brianné Fletcher-Foote, 27

We love Brianné's homemade bar. Image: Sadie Osbourne

7. “We got married in a lovely little registry office (they’re not all as horrid as you might think!), then we had a meal and drinks with our nearest and dearest. Three weeks later we hired a large bar and invited everyone – it was amazing getting to celebrate twice and we avoided all the stress of planning one big event. Plus we saved thousands which will go towards our first home together.”
Emma Cowling, 32

8. “We got married the weekend after New Year’s Day. So many suppliers with so little to do makes for a very competitive market! And there is always a nice place with an offer on for us to celebrate our anniversary – result!”
Sally Potter-Irwin, 38


9. “For our wedding, we hired a deconsecrated church. As this isn’t your typical venue, the hire cost was much less. We used separate suppliers for everything from food to chairs and tables, which really helped us keep the budget down. With some love and time, our DIY decoration provided the icing on the cake.”
Lucy Horne, 25

10. “Forget favours – no one really notices them anyway! About half of ours were left on the tables at the end of the day (gutted!), so if we did it again we would just serve chocolates with the coffee.”
Eva Davies, 29

11. “I found my dress on for just £250. It was a beautiful Benjamin Roberts design that had only been worn once – I had it dry cleaned and it was almost like new, apart from a few marks on the bottom hem that no one would notice. I now plan to sell it on to make my money back!”
Hannah Temple, 33

12. “We saved about £200 on our flower budget by using lots of candles. We hired some large lanterns to run down either side of the ceremony aisle, and then reused them at the reception to bulk out the centrepieces.”
Mel Sherwood, 29

How pretty are Mel's lanterns? Image: Jade Lisa Photography

13. “Two words - winter wedding! Our venue hire was half the price compared to summer and, because it was nearly Christmas, it was already beautifully decorated with a tree, festive garlands and sparkly lights – so we only spent around £100 on décor. It looked decadent but cost us very little.”
Chloe Wood, 29

14. “My mum and I went to Cardiff Flower Market the day before the wedding to pick up blush peonies, cream roses, eucalyptus and lisianthus to make centrepieces. It was really fun doing it together and saved us loads on florist fees.”
Charlotte Laing, 35

15. “We chose to start the wedding at 4pm so we’d only have to feed our guests once. Without a hog roast or evening buffet to pay for, we saved at least £500.”
Jenny Neal, 26

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