9 simple wedding budget hacks

Easy budget tips you might not have thought about...

9 simple wedding budget hacks
Simple ways to save on your big day. Image: Getty

Struggling with the cost of your wedding day? Well it’s easier than you think to cut £1,000s off your wedding budget. Here are some simple ways to save big…

1. Forget a summer Saturday wedding
Most couples want a wedding on a Saturday in the height of summer and vendors will charge more for in demand dates. Consider a winter wedding, or maybe even a Thursday, Friday or Sunday wedding to save a lot of money quickly.

2. Ask around
Already have married friends? Ask them about how they saved money, their favourite suppliers and what wasn’t really worth the spend. You might be surprised at how much information you get.


3. Choose one venue
Having a separate ceremony and reception venue can ramp up costs – particularly if you’re getting different decorations and flower for both as well as organising transportation for your guests. Save yourselves the money and hassle by choosing one venue that does both.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount
If you do decide to get married out of typical wedding season, or on an unusual day of the week, it’s definitely worth asking for discounts. If your suppliers are less in demand they may be able to help you out. After all, there’s no harm in asking!

5. Pick your favourites
Decide straight away what your top three priorities are (for instance; venue, entertainment, dress) and commit to spending what you want on those  – then find ways to save or compromise on everything else.

6. Go sample sale shopping
Got your heart set on a designer dress you can afford? Bridal boutique sample sales are a great way to find beautiful gowns at lower prices. Just be aware that you will still need to pay for alterations and cleaning.

7. Don’t go crazy on favours
Most of the time, they just get left on tables anyway. Pick something that you can make, or get cheaply (here’s a handy list of favours under £1).  Or alternatively do away with favours altogether – your guests probably won’t notice!

8. Say ‘no’ to matching suits
Thinking of hiring or (eek!) buying matching suits for your husband-to-be’s eight groomsmen? The cost can quickly escalate. Why not ask them all to wear a suit they already own and buy matching ties or pocket squares for them all instead to bring the look together.

9. Beg, borrow and steal (well, maybe not steal)
Did your best mate wear a beautiful veil? Why not ask if you can borrow it? Is your sister’s boyfriend a graphic designer? Ask him (nicely) if he’ll help to design your stationery. You can save a lot by making use of the people and pieces you have around you.

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