How to decorate a wedding cake

Transform a plain cake with these easy ideas!

How to decorate a wedding cake
Transform a white cake with fresh flowers. Cherie Dallas Photography

Pick up a plain white wedding cake from Marks & Spencer and Waitrose and it's easy to decorate them! You don't need a huge wedding budget to play with either. Try these simple ideas to create a statement bake.

1) Ribbon
Choose ribbon that matches your colour scheme, or go for a patterned one for maximum impact. It needs to be around an inch wide to look impressive, and should sit around the base of the tier. If you're using a silky ribbon there's a risk it can get greasy, so line the ribbon with some tape, or don't attach it until just before your reception. The easiest way to fasten it to the cake is by using some tape folded back on itself, or to use some pins pushed into the icing.

2) Lace details
You can get a vintage-look cake by buying some lengths of lace to go around the centre of each tier. Fasten them in the same way as you would a ribbon for a delicate effect.

3) Fresh flowers
One of the easiest ways to decorate your cake is by asking your florist to provide some fresh flowers that work with your colour scheme. Use pins to attach them to the cake, and avoid using too many for a subtle effect.

4) Fabric details
If you don't want to use fresh flowers, why not try making some little fabric ones instead to decorate your cake? Try using fabrics with mismatched floral patterns for a colourful effect. Another option is to make miniature bunting. Attach it to cocktail sticks to put on the top of the cake, or drape it around the tiers.

5) Origami decorations
For a simple yet colourful look, try making tiny origami swans and putting them around your cake and the table. You could even make strings of them by attaching them to thread and hanging them above your cake table too!

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