Wedding DIY: Floral paper backdrop for your ceremony

Make this beautiful floral backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception

Wedding DIY: Floral paper backdrop for your ceremony
This floral backdrop is made form coffee filters!

How to make a statement wedding ceremony backdrop with Lia Griffith’s coffee filter paper flowers!


What you need

  • Box of 15in jumbo coffee/tea filters (each flower uses 47 filters)  
  • Red, yellow and green food colouring
  • Glue gun  
  • Wire
  • Disposable containers
  • Scissors 
  • Single hole punch


Make it!
1. Mix your food colouring with water. Test to get the right shade for your big day.
2. Dip stacks of 10 filters into the pink dye, squeeze and hang out to dry. Dye three green filters and allow to dry.
3. Trim four stacks of 10 filters into petal shapes.
4. Fold four filters twice into triangles and cut a fringe on the open edge.
5. Place the fringed sections on top of each of the stacks of 10 petals. You will need four stacks. Punch two holes in the point of each stack.
6. Weave wire through the holes to connect all four stacks.
7. With the fringed pieces in the centre, gather into a circle and twist the ends of the wire.
8. Wrap the wire tightly around the base to secure the flower. Use wire to create a hook for hanging.
9. Turn over and one by one, pull out petals from the stack and twist to create a fluffy bloom.
10. When you’ve finished the petals, separate and fluff the centre-fringed section.
11. For leaves, cut three dyed green filters into a similar petal shape. Twist the ends and glue onto the back of your flower with a glue gun.

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