Health and fitness advice from the Instagram experts

The best health and fitness Instagram accounts to follow

Health and fitness advice from the Instagram experts
Hemsley and Hemsley share delicious and nutritious recipes on Instagram

Ten of the best health and fitness Instagram heroes share their ultimate get fit, feel amazing tips. Brides-to-be, listen up!

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley
“Wellness begins from within. Our approach to health and wellness is holistic, inclusive and not limited to food. We believe that what you eat, how you care for your body and the way you feel are intrinsically linked. We champion a philosophy which is simple, mindful and intuitive, steering clear of ‘quick-fix’ answers.” @hemsleyhemsley

Base body babes
“Surround yourself with positive people; people that love, encourage and support you. Sleep; a well-rested mind and body can think clearer and perform better. Stay hydrated; it’s an easy one to neglect, but dehydration influences mood, energy levels and the ability to think clearly. Share your positivity with others; it makes you and others feel great.” @basebodybabes


Faya Nilsson
“Growing up in Sweden, I was always told ‘There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes’. However much you might feel like staying cosy with hot chocolate inside, you’ll feel awesome after running – even in the frosty snow. I always feel totally refreshed and it gets my endorphins flowing!”

Marie Purvis
“Working out together is more fun than alone – find a friend that will challenge you to train harder!”


Kayla Itsines
“Just because you aren’t where you want to be now, doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes.”

Carly Rowena
“My game-changer tip is to think of exercise as you would yoga. We all know that we won’t be able to do every pose straight away; that it will take time, positivity and that there will always be positions to improve on. Exercise is the same – there will always be weights you cannot lift, miles you cannot run and steps your legs don’t want to take, but over time you will reach and conquer. It’s all about progression – not a destination but a way of life.”

Ella Mills
“Be kind to yourself – don’t beat yourself up if things aren’t quite going to plan. There’s no such thing as perfect anyway. Don’t be mean to yourself for having a few too many chocolate bars or pizzas over the weekend, don’t beat yourself up for skipping workouts and don’t compare yourself to anyone else – embrace where you are and life will be so much easier and happier.”

Casey Ho
“I honestly can’t describe a feeling more powerful and liberating than knowing that you’ve cultivated your own strength. Push-ups used to be my fear, but curiosity shatters those boundaries. Little by little I kept practising. It surprised me and it encouraged me that the hard work does add up, even if it takes forever!”


Joe Wicks
“The biggest mistake people make is to starve themselves and hope for dramatic weight loss. What they actually get is really hungry, miserable and often bad skin with it. So instead, I encourage you to eat more and exercise less! I know that sounds crazy, but if you do 20 minutes of HIIT exercise, three to four times a week, and fill your diet with big portions of tasty high protein and carb meals after exercise, you’ll see the fat melting off you. You’ll also have amazing glowing skin for your wedding album.”

Emily Skye
“If I feel like giving up, I ask myself: Will I be happy if I don’t try to achieve it? Am I happy with the way I am right now, or do I want more? I either learn to accept myself or I get out of my comfort zone and make changes. It’s about making a choice, taking action and committing to it. There are things in life we simply can’t control but there are plenty of things we can.”

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