10 top tips on getting the best price for your wedding entertainment

Entertainment agency, Alive Network reveal how to get the best price for amazing wedding entertainment.

10 top tips on getting the best price for your wedding entertainment

Most wedding entertainers work hard to ensure that their prices are both good value and fair.  At Alive Network, we make sure that all of the artists we work with adhere to this, but there are often a number of ways that you can shave a little off the final price!  We asked our experienced team of wedding entertainment coordinators for their top tips on getting the very best price for your wedding entertainment.  Their insider advice is below…

But first, here’s Alive Network’s Senior Entertainment Co-ordinator, Gemma, offering advice on 'how to get the Best price on your wedding band'

Read on for Alive Network’s top 10 tips on getting the best price for your wedding entertainment…

1) Book your wedding entertainment as early as possible

Most wedding entertainers are happy to confirm bookings 12 to 18 months in advance of the event. Booking this early ensures that you have the pick of the bunch and you can secure the artists you want for your big day. However, booking much earlier than this can incur small price increases to reflect inflation and the fact that they expect their demand to increase over time along with their experience and reputation.

2) Book your wedding entertainment last minute

OK… so we know that this is in total contradiction to the previous tip, but it is still a valid way to save money!  Stick with us… If a wedding band or entertainer has a Saturday free during the busy wedding season, they will probably be keen to fill it even if it means coming down slightly on price to meet a client’s budget. However, by employing this tactic, chances are that you will severely limit the options available to you as most popular wedding entertainers will have filled all key summer dates by February or March at the latest.

3) Book your wedding entertainment off-peak

Most wedding bands and wedding entertainers will do a great deal on events happening outside of the busy wedding season, so if you’re planning an off-peak wedding, simply ask about a reduced price as most artists will be glad of the out-of-season work! Simply due to lower demand for their services during January, February, October and November you may find that you can negotiate a great price for their services.

4) Book your wedding entertainment mid-week

Similarly to booking your wedding entertainment off-peak, if your wedding is taking place mid-week, most artists will be able to offer you a deal on their price.  With their highest demand being for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, if you’re planning a mid-week wedding, just ask about a discount.  However, do bear in mind that some artists may not be full-time and may have other work commitments during the week meaning that they cannot reduce their prices due to losing out on other teaching work etc.  Just call Alive Network and we can check out a bands midweek availability for you with no obligation!

5) Book local wedding entertainment

If you can find wedding entertainment suppliers who are based local to your venue, you will always get their best price as they will not include travel or accommodation surcharges in their price. Most bands and entertainers are very happy to perform at local events as it is so much more cost effective and convenient for them too!  To find professional wedding entertainment near your location, simply search the Alive Network website for the style of artist you are interested in and reorder your search results by location to see who is based near to your venue…  Or just give us a call and we’ll do the research for you!

6) Finish no later than midnight

There will usually be an extra charge per hour added on to your wedding entertainers price for every hour past midnight that you would like them be there. So if you can wrap up your entertainers part by 12 o’clock, you will avoid any after midnight surcharges. That doesn’t mean that everything has to finish at midnight. You could always continue the party with a DJ or music playlist, but do check your venues Ts & Cs for how long your allowed to continue playing music and whether they can supply a sound system if you’re using your wedding bands PA system until this point.

7) Arrive no earlier than 6pm

It is often the case that you may be advised, either via something you read on the web, or by your venue’s wedding coordinator, that it’s best to have your wedding entertainment arrive well in advance so they can set up and do sound checks etc. In reality, most artists simply don’t need to arrive three hours early; they are well versed in setting up quickly and quietly and know how and when to do a quick sound check without being too obtrusive! Most wedding bands assume a 6pm arrival in their base price, so if you do want them to arrive earlier, you should expect to pay a waiting fee per hour. Every band is different with this regard so it’s best to discuss your requirements with your entertainment coordinator in advance.  Some artists will be happy to provide extra services, such as acoustic sets during dinner or drinks, for little more than you would pay in waiting fees should you have to have them arrive early.

8) Offer your entertainers accommodation

If the band or entertainer you have your heart set on is based outside of a certain radius from your venue, they may add a surcharge for accommodation. If you have already negotiated a great deal on accommodation with your venue, or somewhere close by, or you know of a cheap local hotel, you may save money by booking rooms for the artists yourself and asking them to remove any accommodation charges they may have included in their price. Always check first how many rooms they will require, and of course, check how much their accommodation surcharge is before proceeding with making the arrangements yourself.

9) Check if your band offers a wedding DJ service

It is often the case that a wedding band will provide music between sets at no extra cost but some will also offer a full DJ service if required.  This will usually be in addition to the bands normal fee but will save you a considerable amount vs hiring a separate DJ.  Some Alive Network bands offer a free DJ service as an incentive to book quickly, usually within 7 days of receiving an official quote from your entertainment coordinator.  So don’t hang around once you’ve been given your quote, if you know you’ve found the right band, so you can take advantage of this offer.  Do bear in mind that if your DJ is also a member of your band, you will probably still be charged ‘after midnight fees’ should you want to DJ to continue as every band member will probably have to stay until the end of night to pack up the gear and drive home together in the van!

10) Ask Alive Network for help

Alive Network have been providing wedding entertainment for over 15 years so we’re very well positioned to offer you the best advice on getting the most value from your wedding entertainment, just give us a call. For free advice and suggestions anytime Monday – Friday, 9am – 5:30pm, simply call us on 0845 108 5500 or email or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

Bonus tip 11) Follow Alive Network!

If you’re still in the ideas phase when it comes to your wedding entertainment, then why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news, special offers and artist information? You can also watch our artists’ videos on our YouTube channel to see and hear our wedding bands in performance.

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