Should I hire a band or DJ for my wedding reception?

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Should I hire a band or DJ for my wedding reception?

Ah, that age old question - 'should I hire a band or a DJ for my wedding reception?' It's a question that often leaves couples in the throws of wedding planning pondering, but no more - we're here to help with a comprehensive breakdown of the benefits of both. 'Will a DJ energise my crowd like a live band?' we hear you ask, 'or is a DJ the best bet to please guests across the board?' It's time to get some answers.

So what's so good about a live wedding band?

Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere. Whatever the science is behind it, there really is nothing like hearing music performed live. The show delivered by a top wedding band sends a current through the crowd, pulling everyone together in a shared experience of irrepressible excitement.

With a glamorous look, spectacular lighting and the irresistible sound of a live performance from talented pro musicians, guests will get a full and immersive concert-style experience - making your wedding reception unforgettable. The energy from the band, too, will be infectious, whipping up the dance floor into a frenzy.

Most wedding function bands are fantastically versatile, their diverse repertoires featuring hits from a whole range of genres: a great way to please guests of all ages and musical leanings throughout the night!  But if you're worried that a specialist band like a jazz or folk band won't appeal to everyone, also bear in mind that most perform crowd-winning pop songs alongside their genre-specific repertoire. There really are plenty of ways to get everyone on the dance-floor, no matter how Marmite the band's style may seem. 

Don't forget, too, that many wedding bands will offer to play a DJ playlist between their sets - giving you a taste of the best of both worlds! Some even offer a manned DJ service as part of the package, meaning that your night's entertainment is sorted in a single booking.

So what's so good about a wedding DJ?

When you hire a wedding DJ, you have both an electrifying performance and a seemingly endless song-list at your disposal - we're talking pretty much every song ever recorded. This means that it's possible for guests of all ages to dance to Britney, P. Diddy and Frank Sinatra all in the space of 10 minutes - something which might prove tricky for a band to pull off.

And if, for whatever reason, the song selections aren't working as well as you'd planned, it's easily sorted with the help of requests. Taking the heat off you, requests mean that guests will be able to listen to whatever they're feeling on the night. It can be difficult to know in advance exactly what the mood will be, but with a DJ it doesn't matter!

You might be worried that a DJ is something of a faceless entertainer, but there's no need to be. Many arrive in spectacular attire, complete with more than enough charisma and showmanship to thrill a crowd. And with the assistance of special effects and floor-shaking bass, their performance can have the theatrical value of an act ten times their size.   

If your venue has limited space, a DJ takes considerably less of this than a band does. DJs are also brilliant if the venue has a sound limiter - recorded music is compressed, which allows a wedding DJ to create a hard-hitting sound even at a massively reduced level.

Can I have BOTH?

We're glad you asked! The answer is yes, with combined DJ and musician acts being more popular now than ever before. Performing simultaneously, skilled DJs can mix at the same time as saxophonists and percussionists perform live. A sensationally unique experience, it's one that won't be forgotten soon.

Perhaps the best news of all is that DJs, live bands, and combined acts are all phenomenal modes of entertainment. They're all guaranteed to wow your guests and take the event to the next level, so you're onto a winner whatever you choose. Go ahead and check out our world-class DJs and live bands for hire; selected by our entertainment experts for their incredible skill and experience. And don't hesitate to get in touch for more tips and advice!             

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