Wedding music checklist – our ultimate guide with printable list

All the music you’ll need lined up for your wedding day

Wedding music checklist – our ultimate guide with printable list
Get your wedding music sorted. Image: Steve Gerrard

The best wedding days are fill with love, laughter and music! Here’s our ultimate wedding music checklist to make sure your big day has the best soundtrack ever.

Planning your wedding music

Decide your vibe
Are you thinking big brass band, elegant string quartet or simply an iTunes list of popular songs? Choose music that suits the style of your day and find songs to match the overall feel.

Pick your favourites
Are there some songs that you both absolutely love or mean something special to you? Make a list of them and decide when you want them to play.

‘Ergh-no’ songs
Perhaps they’re songs you’ve heard at every wedding you’ve ever been to, or maybe just tunes you really, really hate. Make a list of ‘absolutely-not-songs’ and pass them on to your band and/or DJ (if you’re having one).


Look for acoustic versions
Love a song, but worried it has been overplayed? Acoustic versions can give classic songs a new lease of life and add a little magic to your day.


Here are the wedding music playlist you need to think about…

Image: Rebecca Douglas Photography


  • Pre-ceremony music – To be played as your guests are arriving and to set the tone for the day.
  • Processional music – This announces the start of the wedding ceremony and is played as the bridal party walks down the aisle.
  • Hymns or civil ceremony sing along songs – Not all ceremonies need to have music, but consider whether you want your guests to sing during your ceremony. If so, you need to include the lyrics in your order of service
  • Recessional music – To be played as you and your new husband walk down the aisle and end the ceremony.

Image: Wojtek Chrapek


  • Ambient reception music – You need some music playing as your guests enjoy their drinks after your ceremony and while they’re eating the wedding breakfast.
  • Couple entrance music – This is played when you and your new partner enter your reception (and everyone cheers – hooray!)
  • Cake cutting music – You might want to line up a good tune for the cake cutting.
  • A first dance song – This is the biggie. Take some time to think about what kind of song you two want to share for your first dance as a married couple. It can be romantic, passionate, funny, sweet or anything you want really (as long as it means something to you).
  • Parent dance music – This is becoming a tradition that we’ve pinched from our friends across the pond. If you like the idea of sharing a special dance with your parents line up some appropriate dance songs.
  • Bouquet toss music – If you’ve got a band a drumroll is pretty effective! If not you can’t really go wrong with Beyoncé – Single Ladies.
  • Party music – Now is the time to pull out all your favourite songs to get people grooving on the dance floor. You could even ask for music suggestions from your guests with your RSVPs to make sure everyone gets on the floor.
  • Last dance song – You need an epic tune to end the night.

Download this printable wedding music list now and get some ideas!

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