10 signs you're marrying a groomzilla

Is you're man turning into a groomzilla? Find out below...

10 signs you're marrying a groomzilla
Please! No more ribbon swatches! Image: iStock

It's not just bridezillas that are a problem - many a groom has crossed over to the darkside. Brides are you dealing with a groomzilla?! Check for these symptoms...

1. After a good month of sulking, you finally work out the reason for his grumpiness is that he feels left out because he wants an engagement ring of his own. And a manicure to show it off. Woah there, Kim K...

2. He’s bookmarked Pinterest on the laptop and instead of spending his evenings tinkering with his fantasy football team, he creates elaborate moodboards covering every little detail of your day. Even the napkins. Terrifying!

3. “We’re having Star Wars themed centrepieces or the wedding’s off!” Alright, Yoda – you win.

4. Not leaving anything to chance, he insists on being fully involved in every aspect of planning his stag party. In extreme cases, some groomzillas have been known to relieve the best man and ushers of their stag do duties and plan the whole thing themselves. Control freak alert!


5. His usual ‘what shall we have for dinner tonight’ emails have been replaced by constant wedding questions and job lists, which are all High Priority. Who knew the card thickness for the invites was such a matter of urgency…?  

6. You feel like you’ve walked in on Gok Wan and Henry Holland when you interrupt your man and his best mate talking wedding suits. And brogues. And pocket squares. And watches.

7. All of a sudden he’s developed strong opinions on what kind of dress he thinks you’d look amazing in, and folds down the corners of pages of Perfect Wedding to hammer the point home. Ladies – the choice is always yours!

8. He takes on the job of creating a wedding day playlist with the intensity of Calvin Harris preparing for a world tour. Plus, point blank refuses to put in an ABBA number for your gran. That’s just mean... poor Granny.

9. Your calendar at home is chock-a-block full of wedding to-dos and deadlines – and it’s all colour-coded. Mess with his precise system and all hell breaks loose! There may even be tears (his)…

10. He loves nothing more than to watch Don’t Tell The Bride so he can point out exactly where the groom is going wrong and how much better he would have planned it. Seriously, how long until the wedding is here and we get our normal Mr back?!


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