6 things grooms worry about before their wedding

Six grooms share their top wedding worries and why they turned out to be the moments they remember (spoiler: they’re all super romantic!)

6 things grooms worry about before their wedding
We reveal waht a groom really thinks. Image: iStock

It’s not just brides who worry about the wedding day you know! These six grooms reveal what they were really thinking in the run up to their big day and the moments they’ll never forget.

1. The proposal
Tim Daley proposed to his girlfriend Leah at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. They got married in September 2014
“I had no idea I was going to propose that day. We’d been touring California and were on a long drive from LA to San Francisco; Leah was asleep in the car. In those moments of peace and quiet, as we drove closer to the Golden Gate Bridge on a crisp December afternoon, I just knew it had to be there and then. I always knew I was going to marry Leah, but I’d never planned a big proposal – it was only going to be spontaneous. I wanted it to be a personal moment between the two of us, so I was worried about the crowds and any cheering, but, as it turns out, I didn’t need to. It was subtle and private, and the perfect setting. I felt relieved, grateful and very honoured when she said yes!”

2. The first look
David Beattie and wife Seren got married at The Moonraker, Bradford on Avon, on 4th July 2015
“Before the music started I was pretty nervous, but when it kicked in my first feeling was relief that Seren had actually turned up! My eyes were fixed on the entrance door waiting to see her. She’d been very secretive about her dress and I was so excited to see her in it. She looked absolutely stunning, and the best thing was that she looked the happiest I’ve ever seen her – it made me feel like the luckiest man alive.”

3. The vows
Mark L’Homme married Alison at Shustoke Farm Barns on 3rd April 2015
“I refused to practise reading our vows prior to the big day. I knew I wanted to say them once only and mean it. On the day, I was a nervous wreck from the moment I got up. I only started to relax once Ali had walked up the aisle and was standing next to me, although I was still shaking when we were holding hands. I couldn’t believe the day was finally here! Even though there were 100 guests, it felt like it was just Ali and I – it was even more special as we’d written our own vows. Listening to Ali say her vows, I felt so excited about what was happening, about the rest of the day and our life to come. It was a really happy time. We both kept smiling and squeezing each other’s hands – we couldn’t believe this was it!”


4. The speech
Miles Goodman and Emma married in Usk, on 18th October 2014
“I was extremely nervous as I got up to do my speech, so had a few last sips (swigs) of wine and thought, ‘here goes!’. A couple of minutes in, I was thinking to myself that it wasn’t so bad! Then I got to talking about Emma and bang – it hit me. I started to speak about how much she meant to me, but when I opened my mouth nothing came out. It was a moment when all the emotions of the day, and how happy Emma makes me, literally took my breath away. I tried to conceal it with a cough but I don’t think it worked! I took some deep breaths and, after an encouraging touch on the arm by Emma, continued. It was quite simply the pride of having her as my wife and knowing that we were going to be spending the rest of our lives together.”

5. The first dance
Rhys Crookes, 35, married wife Sarah at Wivenhoe house, Colchester in Essex, on 8th August 2015
“Our first dance was to Fooled Around and Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop. The lyrics really describe our relationship as we first got together when we were 19, then went our separate ways and got back together when we were 28. We practised a few times in the kitchen, wanting to keep it simple, then a few days before the wedding we tried to choreograph about five moves that we could just repeat! There wasn’t time to be nervous as we were caught up in cutting the cake and then ushered onto the dance floor. It seemed to last forever, but not in a bad way! We thought it might be awkward, but we didn’t even notice anyone standing there watching us.”

6. The morning after
Stuart Walker tied the knot with bride Suzannah on 13th June 2015
“The morning after our wedding, I was still full of adrenaline – the day had been everything I hoped it would be. Suzannah and I woke up hugely happy that we’d shared such a great day with our friends and family. I managed to introduce her to just about everybody as my wife, all the time playing with my new wedding ring. There was a real mix of emotions – I was happy that everybody had a great time and excited about having two weeks away with my wife. There was a little bit of sadness that 18 months of planning was over, but it was great to have so much to look forward to together.”

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