9 things your groom needs to know

Don’t let your groom near the altar until he’s memorised Every. Single. Word...

9 things your groom needs to know
Super groom to the rescue! Image: Kate Gray Photography

Is your groom not sure what he needs do on your big day (apart from the obvious)? Here are the things he needs to consider and get prepped and ready for your wedding....

1. He’s running #teamgroom
Your future husband will take responsibility for the ushers – it’s his job to check they know where they need to be, what roles you have for them, and what they’re supposed to wear. Ask him to put it all in an email to them at least three weeks before the day so there’s time to iron out any issues. Oh, and check he’s granny-proofed the best man’s speech.

2. The rings are all on him
This one’s the biggie. Your H2B’s responsible for getting these bad boys to the altar, so double (or maybe triple) check he’s on the case. Whether they’re in the best man’s suit pocket, around your pet pug’s neck or in the mouth of a well-trained dove, it’s his business to know.

3. What his parents are doing
The bride’s parents have a big role to play on the wedding day, so ask your groom to think about how he’d like his parents to be involved. Whether it’s arranging a buttonhole and corsage for them, or asking his mum to be a witness, get him to give it some thought so both families feel included.


4. Boys cry too
Even if he’s the only person you know who can hold it together while watching Up, your groom might be surprised by the rush of emotion when he sees you walking down the aisle. Make sure he has a stash of tissues for the ceremony and speeches, and get him to practise his speech on his best man so he knows the moments that he might get, erm, something in his eye.

5. The plans for the morning
You’re going to be busy beautifying on your wedding morning, which means he’ll be overseeing final set-up at the venue. Give him a detailed breakdown of exactly what needs to be done, and make sure he’s seen photos of any of your distant relatives so he knows who he’s greeting before the ceremony.

6. Weddings are present worthy
If you’ve spent months carefully selecting him a present for the wedding morning, drop some hints so he knows wedding gifts are totally a thing (or, better yet, tell his best man). It’s a good idea to warn him that jewellery, even if you love it, might not get worn on the day – you can’t just change up your wedding look last-minute...

7. It’s time to nail his photo face
If your groom is camera shy, help him relax around the camera. Involve him in the list of shots you both want captured, so he knows what to expect, and consider an engagement shoot so he’s used to having the camera on him for some natural shots.


8. The day goes fast
Your groom may not expect the day to speed past as quickly as it does. While it’s amazing to catch up with everyone, remind each other to take some time to reflect. Whether it’s a quiet glass of champagne after your vows or some time alone with your photographer, take a few moments to let it all sink in. You’re now Mr and Mrs!

9. Money matters
Ask your fiancé to add all the supplier payment dates to his iCalendar – you’re far less likely to miss them if you both have them on your radar. The same goes for the contact details of your florist, caterers and band (basically anyone you’re relying on to turn up on the day), so he can chase them on the morning if he needs to. While you’re getting wedding day ready, his job is to ensure everything is good to go. 

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