The dos and don’ts of buying an engagement ring

TV’s diamond expert, Vashi Dominguez of Vashi, is on hand to dish out his expert advice on the ultimate dos and don’ts of buying an engagement ring.

The dos and don’ts of buying an engagement ring
The things you need to know before buying an engagement ring. Image: Getty Images

Buying an engagement ring can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if you’re at sea about where to start. Some prospective grooms feel a great deal of pressure to get one thing absolutely spot on: the ring. Here are my dos and don'ts to buying the perfect engagement ring you fiancée will love.


Don’t feel you have to overspend
Gone are the days of spending three months’ salary on an engagement ring. While it’s wise to save up, don’t feel pressured into spending more than you can afford, especially if you’ll be funding the wedding yourselves.

Do your research
An engagement ring is for life. Really take the time and look into your options before you buy. Talk to her more discreet friends or family members, look around for any hints that might have been dropped. Sites like Pinterest can be really useful if you’re looking for inspiration, and always remember to check her Pinterest account in case she’s pinned any images of rings. It’s important to research and understand the different types of rings, what’s involved with buying a diamond ring and what is in budget.


Don’t buy the first thing you see
Even if you fall in love with a ring design, there may be a way to buy something similar and stretch your budget further, or you may love something else even more once you’ve had time to shop around.

Do be savvy
Make sure that you buy your ring from a reputable diamond retailer and that you are not buying a conflict diamond, a fake stone or being overcharged. This is where your earlier research comes into play. To get more for your money, look for an under-size diamond (a diamond that is slightly smaller than a magic weight, for example 0.49 carats instead of 0.5), or buy from a manufacture like Vashi that sources directly from diamond mines.


Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help
If you’re still feeling lost as to where to start, don’t be afraid to ask a sales person for help. A reputable diamond retailer will really know their stuff and will help you find the perfect ring to suit your budget.

Do think about what will suit her and what is practical
A ring with a wide band won’t suit somebody with short fingers, whereas an elongated diamond will make her fingers appear longer. Conversely, try not to choose a petite ring if she has longer, slender fingers as it can get lost. Also consider what is practical – someone who is sporty might not want a ring that is raised, or if she works with her hands a lot then a big diamond may get in the way. If you’re worried about what to choose, look at the jewellery your partner already wears, this may also give you a good idea of her ring size.


Don’t play it safe
While some women dream of a solitaire diamond ring, others may have less conventional tastes. If your bride-to-be likes alternative, vintage or other unique trends, then think outside the box. Consider a coloured gemstone, a different setting, such as the very popular halo setting, or even a new diamond on an antique ring.

Do relax 
At the end of the day, she loves you for who you are and whichever ring you choose won’t change how she feels about you.

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