Grooms – 10 questions to ask your wedding tailor

Oliver Spencer from Jermyn Street tailors Favourbrook suggests some savvy questions for your wedding tailor

Grooms – 10 questions to ask your wedding tailor
What to ask your tailor. Image: Katherine Ashdown

Grooms are you trying to get your wedding suit sorted and not sure where to start? Here are some key questions to ask a tailor to make sure you look super stylish on the big day.

1. Should I choose ready to wear, made to order or made to measure?

A tailor should be happy to have a free consultation with you to discuss which service you need. The level of tailoring required may depend on your body shape.

2. What are the trends?

A great tailor will know what cuts are fashionable and will be able to give advice on everything from lapel size to trouser length.


3. Can I chat to your previous clients?

Tailors may have past clients who will be happy to talk about their experiences. If not, then ask to see suits the tailor has previously made.

4. What fabrics are available to me?

The choice you should make will depend on the season you’re getting married in. For example, wool and mohair are a good mix for the summer.

5. Can I choose the 
suit lining?

The lining can be a way to express yourself so always choose a tailor who will allow you to pick your lining fabric. It's time to get creative!

6. How many fittings will there be?

You want the process completed without too much of your valuable time being taken up. You should need three fittings at most, and sometimes it is possible to have just one fitting.


7. How long will it take?
Making a suit can take two to three months, depending on how busy the tailor is. Make sure your tailor knows the date of the wedding so your suit will definitely be ready in time.

8. Who will make my suit?
It’s important that the suit is made by UK-based tailors. It’s immediately obvious if a suit is badly made, so it’s a false economy to skimp on tailoring.

9. How much will the final price be?
Confirm that the tailor has factored in all costs so you don’t get any nasty surprises when you settle the bill! As an estimate, at Favourbrook you will be looking at £800-£2,500, depending on the fabric that you choose.

10. Can you make last-minute adjustments?
As grooms may put on or lose weight it’s important to have a tailor who is flexible and will happily make changes for you, even at the last minute.

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