How to make your hair grow faster for long wedding hair

How to get longer hair for your wedding day

How to make your hair grow faster for long wedding hair
Get gorgeous long wedding hair. Image: Nurit Hen

Want long mermaid-like locks for your wedding day? Superstar hairdresser, Karine Jackson, reveals how to make your hair grow faster to get long luscious locks for your big day

Start early!
If you’re planning on growing your hair you need to start thinking months in advance. “Wedding hair planning should start the moment you’ve purchased your dress, if not before!” says Karine. “I always ask my clients to come in for a consultation, where we discuss the neckline of the dress and any themes they’re planning. We then look at whether they want to maintain their hair length or if they need to grow it. Keeping the hair healthy will encourage growth so really take the time to look after your hair.”


Go for the chop
It might sound contradictory, but if you want longer hair, regular haircuts are the answer. “If you’re planning on growing your hair you’ll need regular trims, so visit your salon every six–eight weeks.” explains Karine. “Don’t be scared of losing length, your stylist can just graze the ends off with the scissors, which means you’re keeping the length but also keeping it healthy. Skipping trims is a false economy – hair is like fabric and once it frays the damage keeps spreading up. Once you have a split end it spreads up the shaft and you’ll lose length and strength.”

Improve your diet
Healthy hair starts from within so a healthy diet is key. “Add plenty of foods that are high in zinc, protein and Omega 3 (found in oily fish), as these are great for healthy hair,” advises Karine.
“Consider taking a supplement to encourage hair’s growth. Most salons now stock them and I’ve seen some great results, especially when taken in conjunction with my other top tips. I recommend Viviscal Professional (the professional ranges are stronger than the ones you find on the high street) but you do need a good three–six months to see the benefit, so start as soon as the ring goes on!”

Image: Catherine Deane

Get brushing
Think brushing your hair is damaging? Think again. “Be sure to give your hair a good brush every evening while it’s dry,” says Karine. “I’d recommend switching to a brush with good quality bristles like Mason and Pearson. Start by removing any tangles; gently hold the hair and start at the ends, don’t tug all the way through as this causes damage. Once the tangles are gone, this is the stage to brush the hair from root to tip, as this will distribute the hair’s natural oils giving hair a healthy shine. Brushing hair regularly stimulates the scalp and gets the blood flowing, which promotes growth.”


Massage time
All that wedmin stressing you out? Well, it could be time for a massage! Ask your husband-to-be to start on your neck and shoulders and move on up to your head. “Massaging the scalp prevents the build-up of oil and keeps the follicles clear,” explains Karine. “It also stimulates blood flow to the follicles which is what feeds the hair with all the lovely nutrients to help it grow, so incorporate this into your daily routine. We tend to hold tension in our scalps first, they tighten and that stops the blood flow which causes dry scalps. As wedding planning is a stressful business, keeping your scalp tension-free is essential for long locks.”

Embrace hair masks
“When you come into the salon for your colour or a trim, treat yourself to an intensive treatment to keep your hair strong and healthy,” advises Karine. “Invest in a mask to use at home once a week for soft shiny hair.”

Avoid snags
Start to treat your hair more carefully in your day-to-day routine. Make a conscious effort to avoid playing with it during the day and don’t use elastic ties to hold it up. “Tying hair with elastic bands causes stress on the hair, which all leads to breakages,” says Karine.

Image: Instagram/sunnydays_photography

Sleep well
It’s not just your daytime habits that need changing – your night-time routine needs an overhaul too! “It might sound indulgent, but try sleeping on a satin pillowcase,” says Karine. “Investing in a better pillowcase will stop the abrasiveness while you sleep so your hair won’t get frizzy and tangled. It also has the added benefit of being better for your skin – so no wedding day spots!”


Go easy on products
It’s key to slather on the conditioner when washing your hair to improve that shine. “When you wash your hair, go easy on the shampoo. If you wash your hair every day then just shampoo your hair once. If you don’t wash your hair everyday then do a double shampoo; the first shampoo will lift pollutants and the second rinse will cleanse the hair leaving it in perfect condition” says Karine. “Every time you wash your hair, make sure you condition as well, it’ll nourish the hair leaving it soft, shiny and manageable. After washing your hair, apply a heat protection product before blow-drying to prevent any breakages and heat damage to the hair.”

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