Hilarious hen party games all the girls will love

Brilliant hen party game ideas to break the ice.

Hilarious hen party games all the girls will love
Brilliant hen party game ideas. Image: Pinterest

A hen party is the time to get all the bride’s best friends together, but with so many different groups things can sometimes get awkward – here are few brilliant hen party games that will quickly break the ice.

The music challenge
Ask all the hens to pick the song they’d have (or had) for their first dance and get the rest of the group to choose which tune belongs to which hen.

Hen party ring toss
Everyone loves the classic fun-fair ring toss game. Just cover bottles in glitter to make it that little bit prettier.


Ring treasure hunt
Buy a load of cheap plastic rings and hide them all over hen party headquarters. Whoever finds the most, wins a prize.

Toilet roll wedding dress
This hen party game is a classic for a reason. Divide your girls into teams and ask them to create a beautiful wedding dress using just loo roll – you’ll be amazed at how creative they can be.

Image: Pinterest

How old was the bride?
Ask the bride’s parents for snaps of her growing up and challenge the hens to guess the various ages. If nothing else it’s a good excuse to embarrass the bride!


Pin the junk on the hunk
It doesn’t matter whether the bride’s choice of hunk is Ryan Gosling or Kit Harrington, this game is simple. Print out a full body pic of the hunk in question and something to represent his junk (the old aubergine emoji works well). Blindfold and spin each hen around and ask them to pin it where they think it belongs.

Banned words wedding game
Ban certain words (such as ‘wedding’, ‘bride’, the groom’s name) and inflict a penalty on anyone who uses them.

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Bride trivia quiz
Mix up your hens and ask them a variety of questions about the bride to find out who knows the most. Try things like; 'who her first kiss was?' 'How she met the groom?' 'What her favourite shot is?'

Penis play-doh
Give each hen a blob of play-doh or plasticine and ask them to create a penis. The most lifelike/creative wins.


Bra pong
All you need is some cheap underwired bras, a staple gun, some cardboard and ping pong balls. The aim of the game is to land the ball in the cups – there are plenty of opportunities for alcoholic penalties too!

Image: Pinterest

Mr & Mrs quiz 
Another classic, this game challenges the bride on how well she knows her soon-to-be spouse. Ask the groom for questions and answers ahead of the party and get him to prerecord his answers if possible. Find loads of brilliant Mr & Mrs questions here.

Nail polish or porn
Make a list of nail polish names and adult film titles and get the hens to guess which is which (it’s surprisingly tricky!). How about a bottle of 'Orgasm' for the winners eh?

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