13 genius holiday packing hacks

Looking for some clever ways to pack all your honeymoon essentials and make the most of your luggage allowance? Look no further...

13 genius holiday packing hacks
Be inspired by Mary Poppins and fit everything in your luggage

Do you always struggle to pack your honeymoon essentials? We reveal how to save space, protect your luggage and maximise your baggage allowance on holiday with these seriously clever packing hacks.

1. Roll don’t fold
You’ll save room to pack more if your roll and it won’t cause as many creases. Wrap an elastic band around each bundle to keep them together.

2. Pill containers
Use a pill container to store and sort all your jewellery and prevent it from getting tangled.

3. Contacts case
Want to take some make up with you on the plane but bottles over 100ml? Squeeze any liquid cosmetics into a contact case so don’t have to take the whole container.

4. Binder clip
Pop this over your razor to stop it from nicking your luggage and wearing itself down.

5. Shoes
Double up your shoes as protection for breakable objects like sunglasses or jewellery.

6. Cling film
To prevent any horrific spillages, open your bottles, place the cling film over the container, and then seal it with the cap.

7. Glasses case
Avoid a rat’s nest of wires and store loose cables and chargers in a glasses case and pack near the top for easy access.

8. Belt
Roll up belts into a coil then stick inside collared shirts to keep them stiff and clean.

9. Cotton pad
Place a cotton ball or pad over powdered make up to stop it from breaking up when your luggage is inevitably thrown around.

10. Dryer sheets
Chuck in a few dryer sheets to stop wet towels making the rest of your luggage smell a little whiffy.

11. Free shower cap
Use the free shower caps from hotels to cover your shoes before packing them.

12. Tote shoppers
Keep all your underwear together in one on the way out and all you dirty laundry together on the way back.

13. Pop your swimwear in your carry on
So you can find it easily and wash off the feel of the plane in the ocean!

14. Tic tac boxes
Use one of these handy little plastic boxes to store all those pesky bobby pins (and have minty fresh breath as a bonus!).

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