Things you can do to make going on honeymoon way easier

Tips to get ready for going on honeymoon.

Things you can do to make going on honeymoon way easier
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With all of the wedding planning/stressing, getting prepared for your honeymoon is usually put on the backburner until after the big day. Avoid any last-minute holiday panicking by following our handy tips to make going on honeymoon a breeze.


Pack way WAY in advance
Trust us. If your honeymoon is within a few days of your wedding, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is panic-packing the day after your wedding celebration. A few weeks before, write a list (limit your luggage – you won’t need loads!) and start to slowly pack your holiday essentials with an aim to be all done by a week before the wedding. Don’t stress; remember the essentials (passport, sun cream, bikinis) and anything else you forget, you can pick up in the airport/on your trip.

Book your transfers
Pre-booking your airport and hotel transfers means you can simply hop off the plane and travel seamlessly to your destination. Ahh… bliss.


Book your activities in advance
It’s all good and well to go with the flow, but when the Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo is sold out or you’re not able to go to Alcatraz on the day you intended, you’ll wish you booked your tickets before you left. Having your tickets and a rough guide of ‘what you’d like to do and when’ will mean more time to relax when you’re actually on honeymoon!

Stay in an airport hotel the night before
If you’ve got an early flight, getting up in the middle of the night and driving hours to the airport is never a fun way to start off your honeymoon. Kicking it off with a little pre-honeymoon night at an airport hotel will take the stress out of travelling. We stayed in one of Travelodge Heathrow Airport's (just one of the 26 Travelodge airport hotels across the UK) brand new SuperRooms recently before our trip and had a totally chilled night relaxing in the huge bed, watching movies and enjoying the facilities before our early flight. The perfect way start to your honeymoon. 


Plan for when you’re home
We know the last thing you want to be thinking about is returning home and going back to everyday life, but trust us, you’ll thank your past self. Try and have the house in a semi-clean state and pre-book a food-shopping delivery for the day you're back – this will take the strain off. Plus, asking a friend or family member to check in on the house while you’re gone will put your minds at ease which means more time to totally chill out and relax!

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