How to actually enjoy your honeymoon

Worried you’ll find it hard to switch off when you’re on honeymoon? Read on to discover our right top tips for guaranteed relaxation...

How to actually enjoy your honeymoon
Relax on honeymoon. Image: Getty Images

Your honeymoon is supposed to be the prime time to unwind and revel in your new marriage. So why is it we find relaxing on holiday so difficult?

From work worries we can’t banish to nagging guilt about lying in the sun all day, two weeks of luxury can quickly turn into 14 days of checking emails by the pool. Fast-track your way to honeymoon bliss with our top relaxation tips… 


1. Switch off… literally
Being constantly connected to the digital world has become the norm, which is why it can be tempting to search for that Wi-Fi on a beautiful beach. But don’t do it: “One of the best possible ways to de-stress when on holiday is to turn off your mobile,” says Andy Magill, Wellness Coach at VitalityHealth. “Switch your mind off completely from what is going on back home, relax and enjoy the warm weather.”

2. Catch some ZZZs
You’ve just spent every waking moment planning (or worrying about!) the big day, so now is the time to let your body catch up on some much-needed rest. Don’t set an alarm and let your body wake up naturally. 


3. Nourish yourself
If you were on a strict, pre-wedding health kick, then letting yourself indulge on your honeymoon is a given. What you don’t want to do, though, is gorge yourself on fast foods or overeat until you’re uncomfortable, as you’ll experience a post-binge energy slump. Instead, opt for local delicacies: “Traditional and locally-sourced foods are a result of what grows and flourishes naturally,” explains clinical nutritionist Filip Koidis. “Therefore it will be superior in terms of its nutritional content and quality.”

4. Stay active
“A great way to take in the sights and catch the tourist hotspots is to put on your walking shoes and stroll around as much as possible,” says Andy. “Not only does this do wonders for your health through reducing stress levels, but you never know what secret spot you may stumble upon that you would have otherwise missed if you were in a taxi!”


5. Pamper yourselves
Let’s be honest, regular massages are an indulgence and a major treat at home. On your honeymoon, they’re a must (at least once!). Physical relaxation is just as important as mental, so book yourselves into the spa and let those tense muscles relax. 

6. Stop ‘should-ing’ all over yourself
“Don’t forget, before your honeymoon, you were 24/7 planning and there is every chance that you’re both feeling a bit pooped – so give yourselves a break!” says Soulla Demtriou, owner of Mindfulness and Yoga retreat, Soulshine. “Fancy a lie-in? Just want to hang out in your hotel room? Do it! Embrace a compassionate approach and give yourself permission to do exactly what it is that you need, rather than what you feel you ‘should’ be doing.”


7. Take a dip
Ever feel like there’s something about the sea that makes you feel calm? That’s because, as humans, we’re naturally drawn to the aqua colour and healing and transformational properties of water. Outdoor swimming will bring you back to nature and back to yourself. Trust us, you’ll feel a million miles away from hectic, modern-day life.

8. Embrace the romance
What better time to truly appreciate your new husband or wife than on a trip that is all about celebrating your relationship? Use this time to connect fully. “When your partner is talking, let them have your entire attention,” says Soulla. “Make eye-contact and truly listen to them – deep listening sends a message that what they are saying is important to you and that you value, respect and appreciate them. Let them know how loved they are.”

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