Useful honeymoon phrases to help you fit in with the locals

These useful honeymoon phrases will help you feel at home and maybe even bag an upgrade!

Useful honeymoon phrases to help you fit in with the locals
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As exciting as your wedding day is, the run-up to the big day can be a stressful affair, and you’ll undoubtedly be looking forward to a blissful, relaxing honeymoon.

The honeymoon is a rite of passage for newlyweds and should be memorable for all the right reasons.


To help make sure it goes off without a hitch, and to perhaps even nab a few luxurious extras, Katja Wilde, head of didactics at Babbel is here to share her translations of top sentences that will come in handy for any honeymooners! Whether you’re soaking up the sunshine on the Spanish coast, or travelling through idyllic Italian countryside, the following phrases will help you get what you need...

1. Want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all those honeymoon freebies? This is the essential phrase every honeymooner should know off by heart!


  • We’re on our honeymoon, any chance of an upgrade?

Spanish: Estamos de luna de miel. ¿Sería posible una habitación mejor?
French: Nous sommes en voyage de noces. Pourrions-nous peut-être profiter d’un surclassement, s’il vous plaît ?
Italian: Siamo in luna di miele. Sarebbe possibile avere una stanza migliore?
German: Wir sind hier in den Flitterwochen. Könnten wir vielleicht ein Upgrade für das Hotelzimmer bekommen?

2. Try the best local cuisine and ensure it’s not spoilt with lots of screaming children with this key phrase:

  • Can you recommend a romantic restaurant?

Spanish: ¿Nos podría recomendar un restaurante romántico, por favor?
French: Pourriez-vous nous recommander un restaurant romantique, s’il vous plaît ?
Italian: Ci potrebbe consigliare un ristorante romantico, per favore?
German: Können Sie uns ein romantisches Restaurant empfehlen?


3. Get the best table with the ocean view by learning this key phrase:

  • We’d like your most romantic table please!

Spanish: ¡Nos gustaría sentarnos en su mesa más romántica, por favor!
French: Nous aimerions avoir votre table la plus romantique, s’il vous plaît.
Italian: Vorremmo avere il tavolo più romantico, per favore.
German: Wir würden gern an Ihrem romantischsten Tisch sitzen!

4. Bring on the bubbles:

  • Can we order another bottle of champagne please?

Spanish: ¿Podemos pedir otra botella de champán, por favor?
French: Pourrions-nous avoir une autre bouteille de champagne, s’il vous plaît ?
Italian: Potrebbe portarci un’altra bottiglia di champagne, per favore?
German: Können wir bitte noch eine Flasche Champagner bestellen?

5. Avoid wandering around for hours in your new skimpy bikini by finding out the most direct route to the sea:

  • Could you tell me the way to the beach please?

Spanish: ¿Podría indicarme cómo llegar a la playa, por favor?
French: Pourriez-vous me dire où se trouve la plage, s’il vous plaît ?
Italian: Potrebbe indicarci come si arriva alla spiaggia, per favore?
German: Könnten Sie uns bitte sagen, wie wir zum Strand kommen?


6. On honeymoon, there’s always room for dessert:

  • Please can we see the dessert menu?

Spanish: ¿Podríamos ver la carta de postres, por favor?
French: Pourrions-nous voir la carte des desserts, s’il vous plaît ?
Italian: Potremmo avere la carta dei dolci, per favore?
German: Können wir bitte Speisekarte für die Nachspeisen bekommen?

7. Nothing ruins the romance quite like tummy issues. If you’re not good with spicy food check with the chef first:

  • Is this food spicy?

Spanish: ¿Este plato es picante?
French: Est-ce que c’est épicé ?
Italian: Questo piatto è piccante?
German: Ist das Essen scharf?


8. Get all those Instagram-worthy honeymoon moments ticked off your list:

  • Where is the best place to watch the sunset?

Spanish: ¿Dónde es el mejor lugar para ver la puesta de sol?
French: Où est le meilleur endroit pour voir le coucher de soleil ?
Italian: Da dove si vede meglio il tramonto?
German: Wo können wir uns am besten den Sonnenuntergang ansehen?

9. Just because you’re on honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole time staring into each other’s eyes, take in the sites too!

  • Do you offer any excursions for couples?

Spanish: ¿Ofrecen excursiones para parejas?
French: Proposez-vous des excursions pour les couples ?
Italian: Proponete gite per coppie?
German: Bieten Sie irgendwelche Ausflüge für Pärchen an?

10. No matter what country you’re in, everyone appreciates a thank you:

  • Thank you so much!

Spanish: ¡Muchas gracias!
French: Merci beaucoup!
Italian: Grazie mille!
German: Vielen Dank!

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