7 things every bride forgets when posing for photos

The ultimate checklist to look amazing in your wedding photographs

7 things every bride forgets when posing for photos
Be a posing pro. Image: Essense of Australia

Every bride wants to look amazing in her wedding photos, but it can be tricky to remember how to pose properly with some much going on, on the day! Keep it together with this handy tick list and remember these key points to make sure your figure, wedding dress and face look incredible in your photographs.

Arm away
Rather than smooshing your arms against your body, hold them slightly away from your body to create a slimmer shape.

Tongue time
Push your tongue to the top of your mouth to give your face a nice slim profile and get rid of any slight double chins! Sounds crazy, but it really works.


Side on
No one looks great straight on. Try standing slightly to the side to make your waist look smaller and turn your shoulders to face the photographer.

Best foot forward
Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are huge fans of this pose (just look at any of their red carpet photos) put a slight bend in your leg and put one foot in front of the other to create a slimmer, more curvaceous shape – it’ll make your dress look awesome too!

Image: Instagram/KimKardashian

Shoulders back
Do what your mum told you! Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back and hold your head up high! You’ve spent so long putting together your wedding day outfit, you might as well show it off.

Chin up
Similarly, show off that hair and make-up by keeping your chin up. Try and face towards a natural light source to avoid unflattering shadows – your photographer should help with this too!


Flower power
Holding a bouquet can feel a little bit odd to begin with, but try not to let this show in photos. Keep a nice natural bend in your arm and hold it just by your waist. Avoid holding it up around your bust or really low.

To laugh
Don’t think you have a beautiful laugh? You’re wrong! Everyone looks wonderful when they’re laughing – especially on their wedding day! Relax and enjoy you photographs and let your natural smile shine through.

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