How to look good in your wedding photos

Professional wedding photographers and experts share their top tips for getting camera-confident on your wedding day

How to look good in your wedding photos
It's all about finding your best angle. Image: Dottie Photography

Avoid any wedding photography mistakes and learn to become the perfect poser for you wedding day photos. With these top posing tips you'll be Kate Moss in no time! (well, kinda). 


Be yourself
“Your photographer will know that you are not a professional model – most of them will tell you that the majority of their clients say they’re nervous or hate having their photo taken,” says blogger Kat Williams (, who regularly poses for photo shoots. “If you have a particular area of concern, let them know. They are not mind readers and we all have our ‘things’ that we hate about our bodies that no one else notices!”

Pick the right person
“It’s so important to find a photographer you feel comfortable and happy with,” says Amanda Carter at Dottie Photography. “Look at the galleries on your photographer’s website to get a feel for their work and to check that they are experienced in shooting brides in flattering positions, angles and good light.”

Brave it and bare all!
“Book yourself in for a boudoir photography session,” says photographer and make-up artist Charlie Summers at For Your Eyes Only. “You’ll get bags of confidence from it, gain ideas for posing, and create a pretty special gift for your groom.”

Use celeb tactics
“For a beautiful, flattering and feminine shape, stand with the knee nearest to the camera bent, and place one hand on your hip,” advises Charlie. “This is particularly good for the full-length shots in your wedding dress.”


Steal ideas
“Find some images you like in magazines and show them to your photographer so that they know what you want,” suggests Amanda. “Rehearse the poses with your groom-to-be too, so that they come naturally on the day.”

Think about posture
“Avoid standing square on to the camera – it’s best to stand at a slight angle,” says Charlie. “Also, make sure the camera is higher than your eyeline – that way you look up to the camera, which is very flattering for your jawline.” A good hen night selfie tip, too!

Get to know your wedding photographer
“Having a pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot is an excellent way to get to know your photographer a little better and for them to see how you photograph,” says Kat. “Wear clothing you are comfortable in but that is also flattering – a baggy jumper and slouchy jeans might not make for the best photos...!”

Practise in the mirror
“This can feel strange but all the top models do it!” assures Charlie. “Check out your poses in the mirror and see how it looks best – one angle can be super flattering compared to another, so see what feels natural to you.”

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