How to make your wedding group photographs completely painless

Make your group wedding photos quick and easy with our top tips.

How to make your wedding group shots completely painless
Wedding group shots can be fun – honest. Image: Dottie Photography

Let's be honest, group wedding photographs can be a bit of a drag. You want to make sure you get some nice shots of everyone, but you don’t want it to take up the whole day, so here are our top tips to make your group wedding photos quick and simple…

Don’t have too many group photos
This is probably the most simple but also the most important rule – think carefully about the group shots you want. Parents, grandparents and siblings are usually a good idea, but things can get confusing if you start getting into aunts, uncles and cousins. Try to keep it to a maximum of 10 shots – six is the ideal number.


Make a list
Make a list of the shots you want and give it to your photographer before your wedding day. Let them know if there are any issues to be aware of, (such as separated parents who don’t want to be photographed together), and ask them to bring along a copy on the day.

Get some help
Ask an usher (or a couple of ushers) to help round people up. Ideally ask someone who knows the family quite well or make sure it someone who is very confident going and interrupting conversations to ask guests their names! Give them a copy of the list too and ask them to bring it along.


Get group shots early 
Get you photographs done straight after the ceremony – particularly if you want shots of young children or elderly relatives as they may want to leave the party early.

Allocate plenty of time
It takes longer than you think to round up groups of people, and even longer if you’re asking young children to pose for you. Allow plenty of time for people being in the loo, stroppy kids and general confusion.

Don’t stray from your list
Don’t be swayed by guests asking for personal shots or particular groups. It’s up to you which groups you have, and your photographer will get plenty of natural shots of guests throughout the day. If you’re worried about not having a photo of everyone ask for one big group shot (although be warned – this will add at least another 10 minutes onto your photography time).

Have fun
The best group photographs are the ones where the bridal party are doing something a little bit different. Try some fun poses, take a look on Pinterest for ideas and, above all, enjoy it!


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