How to get timeless wedding photographs

Want a wedding album that will stand the test of time? Here’s how you do it…

How to get timeless wedding photographs
Get gorgeous wedding photos. Image: Joe Dodsworth Photography

Every bride and groom wants wedding photographs that will look just as fresh in 50 years as they do today. However, this is often easier said than done. We reveal how to get a wedding album that you’re guaranteed to love for many years to come…

Keep away from Pinterest
The idea of spelling out love with your fingers or running away from a T-rex might seem cute now, but in 30 years’ time… erm, not so much. Keep your wedding photo poses simple and they’ll last forever.

Opt for classic gowns
Often, what really dates a wedding photo is the fashion. Choose timeless gowns for you, your bridesmaids and a classic suit for your groom and you’ll all stand the test of time.


Don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with
Feeling super awkward doing lots of pose-y photos? Not sure you want to walk into the sea wearing your wedding dress? Your discomfort will show in your photos and that’s all you’ll remember when you look through your album.

Image: Ochi Weddings

Bin the trends
Remember the early nineties when everyone was having black and white wedding photos with just one detail in colour (a red rose bouquet, a gold wedding ring)? Those images don’t look too snazzy now. Avoid a photographer who adds in lots of post-production, or filters that could easily become dated.


Choose a photographer you love
Really put some time and effort into finding a photographer you and your other half both love. Look through their online portfolios to make sure you’re happy with their style and request to see a few full weddings (so you can check they captured all those important moments – not just the highlights).

Meet up with your photographer and make sure you feel comfortable with them. If you’re really nervous about having your photo taken, an engagement shoot is a good way to practise.

Make sure the important people have a snap
This includes both your parents, grandparents, best friends and loved ones. Make sure your photographer knows who you really want in your snaps and we guarantee you’ll love looking at your album forever.

Image: Enchanted Brides Photography

Laugh and smile through it all
The more natural your wedding photos feel, the more natural they’ll look. Chat and laugh with your other half throughout and don’t forget to smile!

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