What to wear to your engagement photo shoot

No idea what to wear to your engagement photo shoot? We got this…

What to wear to your engagement photo shoot
Fancy going double denim for you engagement photo shoot? Image: Unsplash

An engagement photography shoot is a great idea if you feeling nervous about being in front of the camera on your big day – plus you’ll get some gorgeous keepsakes capturing that special ‘just engaged’ glow too! But every bride-to-be (and husband-to-be) will face the same dilemma – what on earth do you wear? Here’s our advice…

Be yourself
The most important thing about your engagement photo shoot is that is represents you two as a couple. So, don’t be tempted to dress up in a suit and fancy cocktail dress if you’re more of a Netflix-Friday-night kind of couple. Stay true to what you enjoy doing and don’t wear anything too on-trend or out of your comfort zone.


Go for comfort
The best way to look awkward in your engagement photos? Wear something ridiculously uncomfortable. Your photographer will ideally want lots of images of you two looking natural and relaxed together so don’t choose a dress that only looks good when you suck your tummy in, stick your right foot forward and turn slightly to the side. The same goes for your fiancé. If he hates wearing suits, now is not the time to force him into a bow tie and dress shoes.

Be prepared
Think about what you want to wear well in advance, make sure it’s clean, pressed and ready to go so you don’t have any panics on the day.


Stick to one or two outfits
Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a Vogue fashion shoot and you need to bring along a whole rail of options with you. Just one gorgeous look is fine, but if you’re really not sure, you could always pop something extra in the car just in case.

The quickest way to change up your look, without having to waste loads of time getting changed, is to have one or statement accessories to work with. Whether it’s a hat, a chunky scarf or maybe even a beloved pet, have fun with a few of your photos and don’t be scared to try new things.

Think about your partner
You want your outfits to complement each other, but you don’t want anything that’s too matchy-matchy either. Try your outfits on together before the shoot and make sure there are no obvious clashes.


Embrace your setting
Whether your shoot is in a woodland in mid-autumn or on a beach in the height of summer, think about the clothes you would naturally wear in that setting and the colours that suit the season.

Add a colour pop
As the bride-to-be, you may be tempted to already start wearing white in your photos, but don’t dismiss colour. It can look really striking in your photos and the shots will still have the same celebratory feel.

Top tips for your engagement shoot

  • Don’t be afraid to chat and laugh with your partner.
  • Take some risks, but make sure you have some safe options too.
  • Listen to you photographer and let them guide you.
  • Don’t come with too many set shots in mind– they will just feel forced.

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