13 signs he's the man you should marry

Does your husband-to-be tick all these boxes? He's definitely a keeper...

13 signs he's the man you should marry
Is he the right man for you? Image: Getty Images

You already know he's the man you want to marry but just remind yourself why your husband-to-be is the one for you...

1. You still laugh every time he tells that rubbish joke about Kermit’s bum* even though you’ve heard it a thousand times before.

2. He thinks you look cute in your fleecy pink Slanket. Which is a good job really as your planning on living in it all winter.

3. He’s going along with your childhood dream of having a wedding horse and carriage even though he’s allergic to horses.


4. You quite like the idea of him going grey. It’s sophisticated.

5. He secretly loves watching wedding programmes with you… you know he didn’t record Don’t Tell The Bride just because you were out!

6. You think it’s sweet that he can’t do up his 32” jeans any more – it means he has to forgive you gaining a few pounds once the wedding day diet is over.

7. He’s agreed to call your first child Ruby even though it reminds him of curry and that Kaiser Chiefs song.


8. He’s kept to his promise and never told anybody about "that incident” even though you’ve told most of your friends anyway.

9. He stuck up for you when his mum said a monochrome theme was ‘for goths’.

10. Even though there was a teeny tiny row about it, he finally gave in and let you buy the Jimmy Choos that you sneakily added to the wedding budget without telling him.

11. No one else understands your GBBO obsession like he does. He even makes yummy noises while breaking his teeth on your homemade shortbread.


12. He’s insisted he writes his own vows. Who says romance is dead?

13. He still wants to marry you despite seeing the photos from your hen weekend in Barcelona. (What happened in Spain was meant to stay in Spain – damn you Facebook!)

*What’s green and smelly

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