15 things I wish someone had told me about wedding planning

Real brides reveal the things they wish they'd known earlier...

15 things I wish someone had told me about wedding planning
Real brides reveal the things they wished they'd known. Image: Getty

The best wedding advice from real brides who’ve been there, done that and know all about your wedding planning dramas.

1. “Enjoy your moment. Everyone will have an opinion on what you should do. You have to learn to nod and smile, then continue to do it YOUR way.”
Nichola Jane

2. “Not everyone will be as excited about your wedding as you are, but don't let that ruin it for you. Don’t take it to heart and enjoy being a bride-to-be! At the end of the day, you only get to do this once.”
Charys Morwenna Gibbs

3. “Don’t rush into booking things, take your time and shop around. It’s so easy to impulse book/buy but further down the line you’ll regret it and end up with things you don’t use, (like the four tiaras I have sitting upstairs!).
Kate Bennison

4. “It’s not a race! Take some time to get used to being engaged and give yourself plenty of time to organise the wedding. Yes you can arrange a wedding in three weeks, but it doesn't give you the time to enjoy it. Planning a wedding should be fun, not stressful!”
Sarah Dixon

5. “Get on Pinterest! Nearly everything we made for our wedding was from inspiration we found on Pinterest. The DIY tips and money saving ideas on there are perfect for couples who want to add personal touches to their day, while keeping the cost down.”
Cherie Hard

6. “I was so worried that there wasn’t enough organised entertainment during the day and that guests would get bored. Of course this was totally ridiculous as everyone had a great time mingling, chatting, drinking and dancing. What more do you need than lovely friends, wine and music?”
Lisa Davies

7. “It’s so easy to become obsessed with the wedding details. I had put a lot of planning into our cake, then on the day, the hotel didn’t set it up correctly and when we went to cut it the whole of the top tier fell off! We just laughed and laughed, as nothing really matters on the day (as long as you got married!).”
Ciara Withers

8. “It is just so easy to get carried away! If you have a wedding budget you are comfortable with, stick to it. There are certain things that you can easily make yourself and not spend money on.”
Jessica McLoughlin

9. “Look for local suppliers – we received much better prices and excellent service from all of the local suppliers we sourced.”
Beth Fisher

10. “Calm down! Don’t let anyone tell you what you need to do. It’s your party – it’s your rules.”
Claire Bennett

11. “I kept a spreadsheet of every single cost for the big day. It meant that in the last few months before the wedding we knew outstanding costs and how much was left in the budget. It really is worth getting your head around spreadsheets.”
Holly Marie Winwood

12. “We sometimes let external pressures from others spoil the prep. People will have opinions about how they think you should celebrate your marriage, but we worked hard at following our own vision. If I was to do it again I’d be tougher and less apologetic.”
Natalie Barnes

13. “You need to decide as a couple what the most important aspect of the day is to you and decide to budget more for that. We chose entertainment, so we splashed a bit more on this and budgeted on other things that we were not as bothered about.”
Joanna Welch

14. “Choose a date and get the official and legal stuff done first (booking a vicar or registrar, giving notice). Once that is done, organise everything else. So many people do it the other way round and get upset when the registrar cannot accommodate their dates or preferences.”
Viv Hardaker

15. “Shop around for favours, and stationery. All those little things can really add up and they don’t necessarily need to be absolutely perfect. There are bigger things to spend money on.”
Victoria Boyle

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