17 signs you LOVE a good wedding

Can’t wait for wedding season to get underway? Here are the signs that you might be a big day addict…

17 signs you LOVE a good wedding
Are you the perfect wedding guest? Image: Getty Images

Wedding season - what’s not to love? Free food, fab dancing and your nearest and dearest saying their oh-so-romantic vows. In fact, you love it all so much you may well be the perfect wedding guest. Here are the signs you can’t get enough of that big day fun…

1. You won’t book your summer getaway until you have all your save the dates through – wedding season is here!

2. You get a flutter of excitement when you see the fancy wedding invitation on your doormat. Look! Your name in calligraphy!

3. You can’t wait to buy a new hat. Or maybe a fascinator – to hell with it maybe a whole new outfit. A wedding is a big occasion after all.


4. You’ve perfected a wedding chignon. Kate Middleton’s got nuthin’ on you!

5. You comment on every single one of the bride’s #wedfest Facebook posts. Even the one moaning about her MiL (sad face).

6. You occasionally catch yourself humming the wedding march.

7. You’ve offered to help the bridesmaids make 1,000 origami cranes and as a result now spend your Saturday nights half-watching Bride Wars on Netflix and getting finger cramp. Just 345 to go!

8. You don’t even need to think about your wedding song request on your RSVP. Taylor Swift Every. Single. Time.


9. You can mouth along to 1 Corinthians 13. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast”.

10. You can identify every single flower in the bride’s bouquet. Who doesn’t love a craspedia?!

11. Your clutch bag comes equipped with all the big day essentials: bobby pins, safety pins, vintage handkerchiefs (for happy tears!) and lipstick.

12. You’re always at the front of the line to catch the bouquet (even though you’ve been married for three years). Those flowers are mine biatches.

13. You find yourself tearing up at all of the readings and full-on blubbing at the groom’s speech. He just loves her so much!


14. You know how to perfectly pace your afternoon drinking (alternate every alcoholic drink with a softie) for maximum dancefloor fun later.

15. You spend at least 15 minutes in the photo booth. A girl’s gotta have the right prop.

16. You make it your mission to get a selfie with the bride and groom, but double check it’s okay before uploading to social media.

17. You actually plant the wildflower seeds the bride and groom are giving away as favours. Then you send a photo to the bride to show off your green thumb. Natch.

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