5 rules happy brides swear by

How to be a happy bride

 5 rules happy brides swear by
How to be a happy bride. Image: Getty Images

Learn to love every second of wedding planning with these happy bride mantras...

1. Live in the now

With couples increasingly spending a year or longer planning their big day, the time between saying ‘yes’ and walking down the aisle is a sizeable chunk of your relationship. Don’t let wedding planning dominate every conversation. Set date nights where you avoid all wedding talk and even if you’re saving, try not to sacrifice  all the things you enjoy doing together, like going out for dinner and having drinks with friends.

2. Ask for help

One of the loveliest things about planning a wedding is realising how much love you have around you and the effort people are willing to put in to make your dream day a reality. It’s tempting to do it all yourself, but involving people in everything from admin to DIY will help you stay stress-free and make everyone feel involved.


3. Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s easy to obsess over wedding details, but it’s the quickest route to wedding day panic. Accept there are elements of your day you can’t control, and think realistically about what your guests will care about, or even notice. Can’t let go? Create written instructions about the favours and décor etc, then hand them over to your venue coordinator or a bridesmaid so that someone else can take responsibility for the details on the day.

4. Step away from social media

With Pinterest and Instagram at your fingertips, it’s easy to get sucked into the idea of your fantasy wedding. They’re amazing sources of inspiration, but constantly scrolling through images portraying an immaculate big day creates unrealistic expectations. Perfect decorations and elaborate details are easy on a bridal shoot with a stylist, but less so with 100 guests to cater for on an average budget! Be a realist and imagine the huge cost and team behind every image, and you’ll feel so much better.


5. Make it personal

It’s easy to fall into a trap of wedding day competition with friends (or even strangers!). But your perfect day isn’t what’s trending online or what your mate’s sister did – it’s what really matters to you both. Whether that’s a quirky theme, photos of family around your venue or even your choice of music – your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate what makes you unique and perfect for one another. If you keep that at the heart of your day, it’s guaranteed to be awesome.

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