6 things brides forget to do after their wedding ceremony

The things you need to do right after your wedding ceremony

6 things brides forget to do after their wedding ceremony
It's not quite to put your feet up yet. Image: iStock

You’ve said your wedding vows, you’ve exchanged rings and you’ve had your first kiss as man and wife! Now the wedding ceremony is over it’s time to party right? Well yep, but as a bride, there are few things you need to do first…

1. Put their marriage certificate somewhere safe
If we had a penny for everytime we saw a marriage certificate abandoned on the top table with wine stains on it – this is one piece of paper you don’t want to lose!

2. Have something to eat
It’s a bit awkward chatting and stuffing your face with canapés (add into that an expensive white dress and it becomes super challenging!). But with emotions and adrenalin running high you need a bit of sustenance to keep you going.

3. Put your engagement ring back on
You took it off to make the wedding band exchange easier, but you’ll want to get that beautiful diamond back on pronto – look how beautifully they go together!


4. Pop to the loo
Every time you try and get away to the bathroom someone steps in to congratulate you – it’s lovely but at some point you’ll need to just excuse yourself and make sure you go!

5. Say thank you
To the person who held your ceremony, your parents, your bridesmaids and anyone who listened to you moaning about ribbon swatches – your groom will cover a lot in his speech, but they’ll want to hear it from you too.

6. Spend a few moments away with your new husband
Whether it’s just a chance to steal a few kisses or scream “Oh my god. We’re actually married!” it’s important to really treasure this amazing moment with your beloved.

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