8 times wedding planning will get in the way of real life

The telltale scenarios that show wedding planning is consuming your entire life

8 times wedding planning will get in the way of real life
Wedding planning can be a bit distracting... Image: Ben Rosett on Unsplash

The budget spreadsheets and weekly wedding updates are all clear signs that you are tackling your wedding day planning like it’s a full-time job. Here are eight times your everyday life will be put on hold thanks to the big-day prep…

1. You’re trying your best to concentrate during that big budget meeting at work, but you can’t help but notice the perfect mint green hue of your boss’ work folder. Now to try and figure out of she’d let you borrow it for bridesmaid dress matching purposes...


2. Your uni pals have had a catch-up pencilled in the diary for months, but when the day finally arrives you’re knee-deep in glitter-lined envelopes. Instead of bailing on them (for the umpteenth time), why not invite them round for an envelope stuffing par-tay? 

3. Your calendar is so crammed with wedding-related deadlines and appointments that you may have forgotten your own dad’s birthday… oops!

4. When your nightly social media scroll turns into a relentless mission to source bridesmaid dresses. You proceed to stay up all night to send screenschots of all of the potentials to your bridesmaid Whatsapp group, family group and work girls group. Opinions are important after all.


5. Your fiancé has organised a well-overdue date night dinner, but you manage to get lost coming back from a wedding fair with the bestie in the Costwolds and are forced to settle for a service station Maccy D’s instead. 

6. Just as you are drifting off for a dose of much-needed beauty sleep, your overactive brain reminds you that you still haven’t purchased shoes for the flower girls and flaky Aunty Susan is still yet to RSVP. GRRR!

7. Your sister has asked you to come over because she’s having some sort of relationship crisis, but you’re considering pulling a sickie because it’s Perfect Wedding subscription day. Quite frankly, we don’t blame you.

8. Everyone at work is discussing a poignant BBC documentary and you have to stay tight-lipped and try to nod in all the right places because you haven’t watched anything other than Say Yes to the Dress since you got engaged.  

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