Experts share their wedding table plan ideas

Top wedding planners' share their best table plan ideas for stress-free wedding planning!

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Table plans can be tricky, but you'll soon get yours under control with our experts' top table plan ideas...

Tackle the feuds
"Don't be afraid to face up to family frictions when creating your table plan and think outside the box to resolve them. For example, if you know that your mum and dad are likely to argue if sitting together on the top table then think about asking them to each host their own table or have a more informal round top table instead. If you know that two people don't get on then it is also a good idea to arrange the seating so that they are not only on different tables, but also facing away from each other."

Tactical planning
"Seat elderly guests further away from the band or DJ and any speakers. The children’s table should be at the back of the room near the door so they have easy access to the toilets and can be quickly taken outside if they get disruptive! When you handover the seating plan to your wedding planner, put a star by the people that should be facing the head table to make sure who should have best view of the new Mr and Mrs.


Keep it together
"When you have your layout sorted, place all items for each table, favours, place names, menus, instructions for the layout etc in a lunch bag/small box with the table number clearly visible. This will make it really easy for whoever is laying out your tables to have everything to hand and will make sure nothing gets missed off."

Make your own rules
"For an informal affair, don’t allocate seats - just allocate a table. This way all guests get a seat, you can advise catering where veggies/allergies etc are sat but it still allows for an informal feeling."


Try a sweetheart table
"If it is becoming too difficult to decide who to seat on the top table, why not do as the Americans and Europeans do and opt for a sweetheart table instead. This not only means that you and your new husband get to spend some quality time together on your own table during the wedding meal, but it also eliminates the politics which can come with top table seating."

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