How to cut down your wedding guest list

Easy ways to cut your wedding guest list and cut down the guilt!

How to cut down your wedding guest list
Cut your wedding guest list. Image: PaperGrace

Narrowing down your wedding guest list may seem like an impossible task. You don’t want to disappoint people but you simply don’t have room for them. So how do you break the news without breaking hearts?

Lovely lists
Sit down with your husband-to-be and put each guest into a category of ‘must invite’, ‘would like to invite’ and ‘should invite’. This will make things much clearer. If you’re having financial help from the parents, ask them who they’d like to invite – it’s only fair.

A-Z list
Have an A-list of guests to invite first – if any of them can’t make it, you’ll be able to extend invites to people who didn’t make the original guest list cut. Just make sure you do it far enough in advance so it’s not too obvious and don’t split friendship groups across the lists or the gossips will start!


Plus ones
Think about only extending plus-one invitations to guests who might not know anyone else there. As for relatives with beaus, they will understand that it’s a family affair.

Adults only
Making your wedding for children-free is a sure way to cut costs.  Skip anyone under 18, unless they are on the ‘must invite’ list such as flower girls and page boys. Give your friends with kids a call to explain your reasoning and they will understand. Given enough advance, young parents will probably love the idea of a night away from the kids.

Don’t feel compelled to invite work colleagues or business associates unless they are genuine friends. You might spend half your time in the office but the last thing you want on your wedding day is to talk shop, and after the fifth glass of champagne you probably don’t want to bump into the boss.


Returning the favour
Sometimes you feel you have to invite people to your wedding based purely on the fact that you were invited to theirs. But don’t feel pressured if they don’t quite make the cut, just politely inform them that your wedding is an intimate occasion.

Day and Night
If it’s just the ceremony guest list that’s looking a little full, you can always invite a few more people to the evening reception. You will still get to see them and lets face it, you have a lot more fun after hours!

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