How to actually enjoy your wedding day

How to banish wedding worries and relax and enjoy your wedding day

How to actually enjoy your wedding day
Relax and enjoy your wedding day. Image: Getty Images

What are you main wedding day worries? Freaking out about an empty dance floor? Breaking out in a cold sweat about a make-up disaster? Here’s how to banish those big day worries – for good! 

1. Wedding day worry: “I’m sooo nervous about walking down the aisle”
Beat it: Even if you put Kim Kardashian to shame in the confidence stakes, it can be daunting thinking about walking down the aisle. Remember, everyone is there because they love you – there are only good vibes here. Take a deep breath, make eye contact with your fiancé and focus on him. Believe us, you’ll be so wrapped up with each other you’ll forget anyone else is there! 


2. Wedding day worry: “What if no one has a good time?”
Beat it: Your guests aren’t there expecting to be entertained non-stop by fire-eaters and the UK’s number one Taylor Swift tribute act. They are there to celebrate the best day of your life with you. Throw in some decent food, plenty of wine and good music and you can’t fail to have an awesome party.


3. Wedding day worry: “I can’t bear the thought of an empty dance floor”
Beat it: Whether you choose an iPod disco, pro DJ or band, rope in your bridesmaids and ushers to get the dancing started – your other guests will soon follow. If you want the dance floor packed all night just make sure there’s something for everyone music-wise. Aunty Jill might not be down with four hours of happy hardcore. 

4. Wedding day worry: “I’m going to look awful in my photos”
Beat it: Whatever your wedding day budget, scrimping on a photographer isn’t a saving we’d recommend. You’re going to have your photos to look back on forever, so you want ones you’ll love. A good photographer will put you at ease and know how to get the best shots of you both. Follow their lead and you’ll look so gorge in your photos you’ll want them blown up and posted on the side of a bus.

5. Wedding day worry: “What if he hates my dress?
Beat it: Trust your instincts. You chose that dress for a reason and we’d say there’s a pretty good chance that it’s because it made you feel and look incredible, right? Your partner already thinks you are drop dead gorgeous. To be honest, he’s going to be so excited to see you, you could be wearing a bin bag and he’d still think you look hot.

6. Wedding day worry: “There’s going to be some sort of family drama”
Beat it: Whether it’s divorced parents or that one family member who always has a little too much to drink (step away from the Jägerbombs, grandad), no one wants their wedding reception turning a bit Eastenders. Speak to whoever you need to before the wedding and make it clear how important it is to you for everyone to get along on the day, then ask an usher to keep an eye on things and nip any potential issues in the bud.


7. Wedding day worry: “I’m going to get too emotional and look like an idiot”
Beat it: This is your wedding day – you’re allowed to get emotional! Ask any guest and chances are they’ll say their favourite bit of a wedding is when the bride or groom gets a bit teary-eyed at the altar. If you want to keep an all-out, tear-fest at bay, practise reading your vows aloud as often as you can in the run-up to the day so you feel more at ease.

8. Wedding day worry: “Rain is going to ruin my day”
Beat it: Step away from the BBC Weather app! If there’s one thing out of your control, it’s the weather – but a rainy day doesn’t mean your wedding will be a washout. If you hope to have parts of the day outside, always have a plan B in case rain does make an appearance. Being prepared will make you feel more relaxed. If it rains, embrace it – and buy some cute umbrellas and wellies for the photos!


9. Wedding day worry: What happens if I don’t like my hair and make-up after it’s done?”
Beat it: If you’re using a professional, have at least one trial-run the month before the day, so you can play around with different looks. If you’re the kind of person who exclaims “I love it!”, while weeping inside when the hairdresser gives you a mullet from hell, now’s the time to be honest. No one wants you hating your look on the day. If you’re doing your own hair and make-up, practise – a lot! – and have a bridesmaid on hand to help if nerves get the better of you. Always leave yourself plenty of time too, in case anything does go wrong.

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10. Wedding day worry: “I’m scared I’m going to make a drunken fool of myself”
Beat it: With all the excitement of the day, it’s best to pace yourself. Line your stomach with a decent breakfast (treat yourself to poached eggs and smoked salmon or bacon), then drink plenty of water during the day. If you do have one too many by the end of the night, don’t stress. No one is there to judge and chances are your guests will be so ‘merry’ themselves, they won’t remember you knee-skidding across the dance floor to the Grease megamix. 

Words by Sarah Dawson

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