Just engaged? How to answer every annoying post-proposal question

The most annoying ‘just engaged’ questions and how to answer them...

Just engaged? How to answer every annoying post-proposal question
Those annoying post-proposal questions. Image: Getty Images

Congratulations! You’re engaged! It may have only been hours since your fiancé (squeal) proposed, but friends and relatives have probably already started asking you lots of annoying wedding questions. Here’s how to answer every difficult post-proposal question without starting a family feud…


“When’s the wedding?”
Sounds innocent enough, but a few times in and this gets seriously annoying.
Not set the date yet? Just be honest, say you haven’t had a chance to look round venues and you’re just enjoying being engaged. If you have set it, but don’t want word to spread yet, keep it vague – “we’re thinking of maybe a spring/summer date” – it should be enough to keep them quiet.

“Am I invited?”
Why do people want to make it so awkward! Unless you’re 100% sure this person is invited, do not commit to anything yet (trust us)! Explain that space at your venue is pretty tight (even if it isn’t) and your fiancé has a huge family so you still need to crunch the numbers.


“How big is your diamond?”
“I’m not sure exactly, but it’s the perfect size for me”

“You know 50% of marriages end in divorce right?”
"Wow, way to bring down the mood! Thanks for telling me the stat that literally everyone in the UK knows." Really the only response to this is just to change the subject.


“Are you sure he/she is the one?”
Ha ha! How funny you are! Counter this spark or hilarity by saying “yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have said yes!” and politely chuckle it off.

“Weddings are so expensive these days. How are you paying for it?”
Errr “none of your business”, may feel like the instant response, but try not to let it bother you. Turn it back on the questioner by asking how they funded their wedding day or why they’re asking you in the first place!

“When are you having kids?”
Ergh, this is just the worst (and unfortunately it doesn’t get any easier after the big day). However, now you can brush it off with a simple: “I’m a bit busy planning a wedding at the moment.”

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