11 problems you'll face after getting engaged

11 annoying things you'll encounter once you get engaged. 

11 problems you face after getting engaged
Do you announce your engagement with a photoshoot?! (Image: Pinterest)

Planning a wedding? Here are 11 things that you might find a bit of a problem once you get engaged and start organising your big day.


1. Realising that cheesy ‘We’re engaged!’ selfies - the thing that you’ve quietly mocked many of your engaged friends for in recent years - is something that you actually really want to do and planning exactly how you’re going to announce it is pretty damn stressful! Do you kiss?! Or just gaze into each other’s eyes?! Do you need to book the next flight to Paris so you can hold your hand in front of the Eiffel tower?! Argh, decisions…

2. Coming to the conclusion that Pinterest photos are obviously taken by some kind of magical rainbow fairy that lives in a mystical realm where the walls, ceilings and floors are all carefully crafted from flowers, everything is millenial pink and everyone omits a beautiful golden glow. Because your flower wall you tried to copy looks like a wall of melting cabbages and your spray tan has made you look like an oompa loompa.

3. Pretending to really like the hen party your maids have organised for you, even though it’s pretty much your idea of hell. When you said no to strippers, bunjee jumping and giant chicken costumes, you really did actually mean it and weren’t trying to use some kind of ‘I’m saying I don’t want this but I actually do' code.  

4. Discovering that picking exactly who you want to come to your wedding is pretty much the single most difficult thing that will ever happen to you. You imagine this is how Ash Ketchum felt when choosing his Pokémon for battle.

5. Trying to think of a nice way of phrasing “No you can’t have a bloomin' plus one – do you think I’m a millionaire? Do you think my wedding will be like the scene from Hook where you close your eyes and food just appears?!” And then trying to decide whether you actually have to be nice about it or you’re actually allowed to play the bridezilla card (use it wisely), just this once…  


6. Tracking down RSVPs has made you realise how Sherlock Holmes must have felt because apparently trying to find out the mere yes or no answer to the mystery of whether a person is going to attend your wedding is the most difficult thing in the world right now.

Like, if you can spend two day deciding what main course everyone will enjoy best, then giving a yes or no answer is pretty doable… right? You are now trying to think of ways to entice them into texting you back (free pizza?), then honing in and locking them down as soon as they reply. Cunning!


7. Coming to terms with the fact that what you thought was going to be your dream princess-style dress actually makes you look like a toilet roll doily and the slinky fishtail style that you never imagined yourself in has made your mother and bridesmaids weep with how beautiful you look. Who knows what the world will throw at you next…  

8. Finding bridesmaid dresses that all five of your friends can actually agree on is apparently impossible. And even when you leave it to them to decide, you still find yourself acting as a mentor between your Maid of Honour and your sister about what length to have. Can we all just get on, please?

9. Learning to take deep breaths and smile through the anger when someone asks what day your wedding is on. Please read the invitation you were sent, the Facebook event page or the website that we made especially. Is it that hard?!


10. Realising that you can’t afford to do most of the things that Instagram has inspired you to do. Turns out human-sized geode cakes and ghost chairs are actually pretty pricey... 

11. Fighting the urge to call your huge reception off and instead run away to The Bahamas with your fiancé to elope with nothing but the sun, sea, sand and swimming pigs to distract you. Ah, who are you kidding - this is all part of the fun of getting engaged!

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