Real brides share their top planning tips

Real brides sure know how to plan a wedding! Steal their advice now

Real brides share their top planning tips
Brides share their wisdom. Image: Delphine Manivet

Real brides have revealed their top wedding planning tips on our Facebook page. Here are the brilliant pearls of wisdom to get through wedmin.

Lists - I'm keeping track of what I've spent, and what is still owed -that way there will be no nasty surprises (hopefully) before the big day!”

Budget for everything and stick to it!

"Keep note of your guests addresses ready for thank you cards”

"Spreadsheets!!! Page for budgets, page for addresses and guest list, page for table plan, page for timeline of day - mine was 8 pages long!”

Write everything down no matter how small it may seem and definitely get wedding insurance.”


"Action plans that can be ticked off with satisfaction once completed! Make sure your action plan has plenty of space and boxes so you can put every single piece of detail you need like addresses, telephone numbers, emails, if you are waiting for a call back, names of the people you spoke to, etc. Then file away once finished as you never know when all that information may be needed.”

Mood boards! Make your own to get an idea of exactly what you want and how it's going to work/look together.”

“Remember it's you and your partner's day no-one else's! Plan what will make you happy.”

Remember the whole reason for your day is you two dedicating the rest of your lives to each other. Spend time on making the ceremony special no matter what type of service you have. That’s the real reason for the day, not the reception party!”


"Lists on Post It notes. You can stick them on the wall and bin them when you're done. I like to colour code them too... How sad am I!”

I started planning two years ahead, got a notebook where all ideas, pictures, forms and other things are kept - all in one place

Have your own wedding book to write down everything you spend, had I not have done this myself I would have paid an extra £200 more for my wedding dress than needed!”

"Pick the most important factor e.g. venue, time of year, guests, and allocate your budget around this."

Delegate. Share the jobs with your family. They would love to be a part if your special day.”

Have a wedding folder in your emails to keep all wedding related emails in one place. Send yourself links to web pages, keep any receipts and invoices, quotes for catering etc. all in one place.”

Be different and have a midweek wedding. It’s amazing the kind of discounts supplies give you. Get more bang for your budget.”

"Take as much advice from anyone you know who recently got married. Recommendations can save a lot of time and money!"


Pinterest, mood boards and get your h2b involved as much as poss.”

"Enjoy every moment. Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting, wonderful things you'll ever plan... So cherish every minute!‬”
Bargain hunt!! My monsoon wedding dress was £25 down from £400 as it had a broken strap. I fixed it no problem that night. Hunt high and low for the best deals - it all helps.”

Remember there will be down time, and that is okay! Don't stress about the little things or things you cannot control.

"If you pay for anything via internet banking, always send an email asking for confirmation that they received your payment and what the remaining balance is, so you can keep it for your records. And make sure you have WEDDING INSURANCE!!! Costs hardly anything but could save you thousands.”

Set up a wedding email account, that way all wedding email correspondence is in one place! I've used it to register for all wedding websites and wedding fairs, making it much easier and less stressful!”

Don't set your expectations as 'perfect' because you will end up stressed and disappointed! Whatever happens, no matter your budget, decorations or caterers you wedding will be perfect because you are marrying your love. The other stuff really doesn't matter.”

Set yourself achievable small milestones make it a fun wedding project and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to friends family and most of all just set time for you and husband-to-be to relax.”

It's okay to take on other people's advice but always go with your instinct and do what makes you happy. And every time you sit down to plan, a glass of prosecco helps!”

Accept that you can't please everyone and have faith that all of your efforts will be worth it.”


Use guides like those in Perfect Wedding to calculate a realistic budget, decide what YOU want and can afford, and stick to it. Keep records of ideas and expenditure along the way to keep track, then if you see something you really can't live without, you can prioritise without having to worry about going over budget. Enjoy the planning and use your bridesmaids where you can!”

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