A seriously out-of-this-world wedding gift

The Wedding Shop are now offering a space travel experience as a wedding gift!

A seriously out-of-this-world wedding gift
Best. Wedding. Present. Ever.

Not sure what to put on your wedding gift list? Well call off the search...

The Wedding Shop are now offering a journey to space as one of their wedding gift options!

Yep, you read that right, the Bloon near-space flight experience will take you and your new husband out to the very edge of the world so you can look down on Paris and Rome AT THE SAME TIME – this is the future people!


If you’re picturing weeks of aerospace training in swimming pools and hours of vomit-inducing space travel in a boiling hot tin can, don’t panic.

The Bloon near flight experience uses inert helium gas and employs no combustible fuels or hazardous substances. The ascent and descent are graceful and quiet – if you’ve sat ever sat through an Easy Jet flight, Bloon will be a breeze.

You can even decide on the desired take-off location as well as the food and beverages to be served during the space flight (Michelin-star meals anyone?).


So, how does it work? Well you and your new husband will arrive at the take-off location the day before to receive a pre-flight briefing and some rest. Lift-off is scheduled for around 4am to take advantage of the amazing colours of dawn at the apex of the trip (there are full panoramic windows to provide you with a 360° view, natch).

Full ascent takes approximately one hour, reaching an ultimate height of 36km above earth. You’ll cruise at near-space for approximately two hours before beginning to descend.

Childhood dream realised!

However, you’d better hope your guests are feeling generous. The experience costs £380,000 for a private pod for up to four people (you might want to consider bringing a couple of generous contributors along too!)

The Wedding Shop are currently taking trip bookings for 2017 and 2018. Visit their website to read more about the Bloon space trip and other Truly Experiences.

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