10 signs you’ve spent too long wedding planning

Slightly concerned wedding planning might be getting the better of you? See if any of these sound familiar…

10 signs you’ve spent too long wedding planning
Time to take a wedding planning break? Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash

It can be a long old wedding planning journey to that aisle. Worried you’re losing the plot? If these sound familiar, it might be time to have a little break…

1. Even your cat runs for cover when it spots you digging out your beloved wedding planning folder, just in case it gets stuck in a one-way conversation with you over your venue’s canapé options. Again.

2. You’re too scared to look at Pinterest, just in case someone has the same favours/reception details/dress as you. They are YOURS, goddamnit, no one else can have them. ‘Overly dramatic? Moi?’


3. You’ve got your own Whatsapp group with your florist and wedding day hairdresser. In fact, you’ve spent so much time with them lately they feel like your new best friends and you’re even contemplating inviting them to your hen do.

4. If you so much as see another piece of stripy twine you are going to lose it, big time. After spending every weekend ever in the history of the world doing wedding DIY you have had ENOUGH!

5. You talk in what sounds like a foreign language. Craspedia, wedmin, MOH, naked cakes – hey, if you know, you know.

6. Whenever you hear your first dance song you can’t help but go all misty-eyed and hug yourself as you sway around your imaginary dance floor. Even when you’re in the queue at the post office. ‘Let them stare, I’m going to be a briiiiiide!’


7. You’ve tried out so many fake tans on your hunt for the ultimate bridal glow that your fiancé never knows who he’s coming home to – Blake Lively or David Dickinson.

8. Your sister has changed your name in her phone to ‘Wedding loon – avoid’. Ahhh, family – wouldn’t change them for the world.

9. You get that twitchy eye when anyone even slightly disagrees with your choices. A ring-bearing owl is PRECIOUS, people. 

10. You dream in weddings. You recently woke up screaming after dreaming your groom turned up in a mankini. Yikes.

Words by Sarah Dawson

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