Should you allow social media on your wedding day?

Ahhh the big wedding social media debate… Do you want your wedding day be unplugged or selfie heaven?

Should you allow social media on your wedding day?
Social media on your big day? Image: Blush & Bowties

Love it or hate it, social media has taken over our lives, but should it take over our weddings? We battle out the best reasons for both sides – you decide!

The pros – for social butterflies

1. Just think of the hashtags, people! A social-media filled day means creating your very own couple Insta hashtag – #fun. Guests can add it to anything they upload and you and your new Mr will have the best time scrolling through the hilarious pictures, while you kick back with a cocktail in the sun on honeymoon. Even better, the photos won’t be going anywhere so you can keep looking back whenever you feel nostalgic (i.e. first day back at work).


2. No one misses out. If you live-stream your day it means everyone can get in on the action. This way your granny, who might be too old to make the journey, can watch online (just make sure she has some tech-help on standby!), as well as your cousin who’s living it up on a gap year in Thailand.

3. You can break the ice. Whether it’s the hen weekend, stag do or the big day, weddings are a time when you get your favourite people together – but more often than not, they won’t all know each other. Creating a fun pre-wedding Facebook group is a cool way to get everyone involved – and for new BFFs to keep in touch after the main event.

Cotton Candy Wedding Photography; Stationery and Styling by Devine Bride

4. Discover those candid moments. Wedding photographers are awesome; full stop. But even the savviest shooter can’t be there for EVERY moment of your day. Letting guests snap away on their phones, and post the pics online, means they’ll be able to capture some funny, sweet or unexpected moments your photographer might miss.

5. Have a social media wall! You don’t want that wedding hashtag going to waste, so why not have a social media wall at your reception? It’ll look great and guests will love it. Clever company can set one up so comments and pictures will be streamed throughout the day – and they’ll even monitor it for any, err, fruity content as the night goes on. 

6. Welcome to selfie heaven. Let’s face it, you’re going to look damn hot on your wedding day, and so will your new husband. Plus, you’ll be wearing the most expensive outfit you’re ever going to, which means your best EVER selfie is just waiting to be taken. #nofilter

If you want to share your awesome day with the world, and let everyone in on the fun, embrace everything social media has to offer and go for it!

The cons – for the tech-no couple

1. Be ‘in the moment’. There’s a lot to be said about guests being fully ‘present’ on your wedding day. It’s a huge thing, getting married, and an unplugged day means no distractions, leaving guests to just focus on the day and what it means to you both, rather than checking how many ‘likes’ their last Insta-pic has got.


2. Banish dodgy photos. It’s bad enough when an embarrassing photo of you from a Saturday night out pops up on Facebook (untag!), but when it’s a less-than flattering pic of you on your wedding day being shared with the world, that’s not cool. Banning social media means you know exactly what is being posted online... phew!

3. Let the pros do their thing. You probably spent ages deciding which photographer to book for your day, and with good reason. They are responsible for taking the photos you’ll treasure for the rest of your life, and they certainly don’t want over-eager guests trying to snap a pic of you on their phone, getting in the way of a perfect shot. Many photographers now encourage an unplugged day for this very reason.  

Image: Josh Elliott Photography

4. It’s YOUR announcement. It’s a rite of passage updating your relationship status to ‘married’ on Facebook – cue all the ‘likes’, ‘OMG this is so exciting’ and ‘Huge congrats’ comments. Don’t let another guest steal your thunder and announce your marriage to the world and his wife with a blurry picture. 


5. Privacy is key. Sharing is caring, but sometimes you want to keep things to yourself – your wedding day being one of them. Let’s face it, we’re not all besties with our Instagram followers and Facebook friends are we? It’s totally fair enough if you don’t want ‘Jane from accounts at your last job’ snooping at your photos. Even if you’ve snooped through hers.

6. The big reveal. The excitement when that beautiful wedding album hits your doormat is huge. And even better when you share it with friends and family. If everyone’s already seen a hundred photos of your dress and décor from cousin Shirley’s Facebook album – let’s face it, it takes the shine off just how amazing your wedding day really was.

If you want your day to be an intimate, private affair for loved ones – not for public consumption – stick to your guns and say no to social media. 

Words by Sarah Dawson

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