Which wedding planning couple are you?

Discover what your wedding planning style says about you as couple

Which wedding planning couple are you?
What's your planning style? Image: Getty Images

When it comes to planning a wedding there’s a lot to do and how you tackle the tasks reveals a lot about you as a couple. Read on to find out which type of wedding couple you are…

The fair pair
You’ve got a list as long as your arm, but it’s made a whole lot easier by the fact that you share out the jobs evenly. He’s picking up his hire suits on the way home from work while you’re busy finalising the table plan. Dream team.

The lovebirds
You're so busy staring into each other’s eyes that sometimes you forget that you're actually planning a wedding. But you have managed to decide upon the most romantic first dance song and you’ve booked in the white doves to be released at your vows. Awh!

The tech team
With apps for everything from budgets to pre-wedding fitness, you’re harnessing the power of the internet to get stuff done. Now you need to start thinking about what your wedding hashtag will be…


The party animals
Jäger has been ordered in abundance and the DJ is booked until 4am, you guys know there ain't no party like a wedding party!

The extroverts
You're set on making sure that your big day is the biggest and best day of your lives. He’s planning to take to the stage to sing after the first dance and you’re having a custom-made gown encrusted with as many Swarovski crystals as physically possible.

The opinionated pair
If you’re not disagreeing about colour schemes, you’re falling out over the guest list. Roll on the honeymoon when there’s nothing to quibble over – oh, well that’s if you can agree on where to go first…


The perfectionists
The wedding spreadsheet has a complex colour coding system that you both spent a whole day to come up with and you’re both happy to have a third trip to the florist to check the quality of the peonies once again.

The free spirits
For you two the day is about peace and love and as long as you’ve got each other, that’s all that matters, right?

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