The worst things you can say to a bride-to-be

Our very own bride-to-be, reveals the worst things people are likely to say to your when you're right in the middle of wedding planning

The worst things you can say to a bride-to-be
What NOT to say to a bride-to-be. Image: Getty Images/NBC

Seven months into wedding planning and things are starting to get tense, and strangely other people just seem to want to that by asking ridiculously inappropriate questions.

Here are just a few of the classic annoying questions that people ask brides-to-be... any of them sound familiar.

“Your engagement ring is so unusual. Well as long as you like it.”
‘Ooohing’ and ‘ahhhing’ are the only acceptable responses to engagement rings. If you don’t like it keep your opinions to yourself.

"Why isn’t uni Phil invited?”
Uni Phil isn’t invited because I haven’t seen him in 10 years and I don’t want to spend the day having awkward catch up chats with people I barely know. Just because he’s your mate doesn’t mean he is mine – if you want to invite everyone you know throw your own party (wow, it feels good to vent).

“You should have a church wedding if you want it to be official”
Nope, I should plan my day exactly how I want it to be. Weddings don't have to be in a church to be meaningful.


“So will you be wearing white then?”
Yep, I’m wearing white (because I want to) this is not symbolic of anything other than that I’m a bride – this isn’t Downton Abbey.

“Well traditionally…”
Traditions are traditions - not rules - and your wedding day doesn't need to be bound by them (no matter what your mother-in-law says). If you want to ignore the garter toss because it makes your cringe - go ahead. It's your big day. 


“You’re spending how much on your dress?”
The fact is that beautiful wedding dresses do cost a good whack of money, but as long as you (and your bank manager) are happy with the price tag then it really isn’t anyone else’s business.

“So babies next then?”
Woah! I might just finish putting together my table plan first.


“But you don’t really need those flowers/tablecloths/singing waiters do you?”
Sometimes you see some silly little bits and pieces that you’ll fall in love with and want for you big day. They may not be vital to the running of the wedding, but people will notice them and make the whole event feel extra special. If you love it, have it.

“I’m so broke, your hen do has cost me loads!”
Hen dos will cost your friends some dollar,  but unless you’re planning a five-day drinking and gambling extravaganza in Las Vegas people really can’t complain too much. If a friend really can’t afford it they don’t have to come – you can always enjoy a drink down the local pub together instead.

“Open bar?”
Nothing says “I just want to get drunk on your special day” more than constantly asking if there will be an open bar. Here’s a clue – the more you ask, the less likely there is to be one.

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