The worst wedding guests you'll find at every big day

No wedding would be complete without this familiar line up of guests. You have been warned!

The worst wedding guests you'll find at every big day
Badly behaved wedding guests. Image: Sex and the City/

Who are the worst wedding guests? Here is our round-up of familiar faces that seem to pop up at every big day.

The drunk
Ahh yes, there’s always one. Your work mate who’s just split up with her boyfriend and drowns her sorrows with copious amounts of wine before lurching around the dance floor screeching I Will Survive, or Mark from your husband’s football team, who starts on tequila shots at 3pm and ends up asleep in the cloakroom with his tie around his head by 7pm. It wouldn’t be a wedding without them.


The loud uncle
Guaranteed to heckle during the speeches (never funny), declare to your new in-laws he thought he’d never see the day you were finally off the shelf, then perve at your bridesmaids. Also likely to loudly complain about the ‘rubbish’ your wedding DJ is playing, before trying to take over the decks and play some rather dodgy rock and roll.

The hottie
You know, your drop-dead gorgeous friend from uni with the perfect hair, beautiful face and killer figure, who leaves a trail of gawping men as she walks by. Problem is she’s so goddamn nice you won’t want to uninvite her! NB: Keep Loud Uncle as far away from her as you possibly can.


The teenager
Interesting – so little Johnny, your husband-to-be’s cousin, isn’t so little anymore. The cute gap-toothed nine-year-old is now an awkward 14-year-old wishing he could be anywhere but at your wedding. Forced to wear a dodgy suit, which might fit him in about three years time, and not old enough to drink away his embarrassment, you’ve got to feel sorry for the poor chap.

The unannounced plus-one
Such a nice surprise when your second cousin brings along a boy she’s been dating for two weeks to your wedding, without asking. Yep, not a problem to conjure up another seat and three-course meal... Seriously? Argh, some people!

The social media obsessive
The one permanently attached to their smartphone, who thinks it’s totally fine to provide a running commentary of the day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their pièce de résistance? Posting an unflattering picture of you online without asking. Not cool.

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The bride-to-be
On the surface she seems innocent enough, but look deep into her eyes and you’ll see she’s weighing up EVERYTHING about your day, either plotting to ‘borrow’ your ideas for her upcoming wedding or mentally high-fiving herself on how much better her day will be than yours. Obviously this is not possible so don’t give her another thought. Your day is the best, OK? NB: Also likely to turn up wearing white.

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